22 March 2010

Knitty Spring/Summer 10

The new knitty is out and I think Que Sera will have to be one of my projects, soon.

21 March 2010

March Knitting Meeting

Just two impressions of yesterday's meeting which was lovely as usual. We got to meet some additional knitters/crocheters and to see Anouschka after her move.

Some others were missed and knitting was set a side to fondle yarn and have a look at books and patterns.

20 March 2010

Some Wips and some FO

Front and back of my first Sebu glove, the tension is a bit uneven, the glove a bit wide, but I love it.
A picture of our friend with the Tychus I made for him, thanks for being a good sport and wearing it for the wedding celebration picture.

These are the two girl sized Opus I made. I have now one in yellow and black on the needles, but that might go to a future beekeeper, so I still will not have a Opus of my own.

19 March 2010

Busy Week

This week was not much for knitting or any other sort of crafting (which I haven't really done any off lately as my craft room is a mess and still has a leaking roof). But on the upside we went to the movies and had a 3D screening of Alice in Wonderland (is it just me or does the Mad Hatter look like they recycled ideas from Willy Wonka?). I enjoyed the movie and have dug out my copy of the book to read on the train if I can finally stop knitting my Knotty gloves. (It will be about 18 degree C here on the weekend.) Yesterday we went to a comedy show by Christoph Sonntag and though it was not as good as his old programm, it was very enjoyable. I did not care for his integration of a plasma screen, but otherwise it was a witty, Swabian programm. Tonight we will have my parents in law over and celebrate his 80th with chinese take away (his choice, we would have cooked).

11 March 2010


As well as hats, I currently have gloves on the needles. Knotty by Laris. And yesterday evening I cast on a pair of two color gloves of my wonderful new book Selbuvotter.

07 March 2010


Currently I am knitting hats and have finished two for me, so with todays sunshine you finally get a picture.

This is a Tychus from Knitty.

And this one is a Conway Cloche from Shetland Trader.

03 March 2010

Interweave Knit Spring 2010

I go it yesterday and think the format keeps getting more and more confusing. However I think this cardigan is on my list: Double V

01 March 2010

Weekend Quilts

Not me, I was away for the weekend, but my new book came and it is enjoyable. I like Judy's blog and have made some of her quilts. Of the ones in the book there is the black-white-red one that I really want to make for my brother.