31 July 2018

Running - Reloaded

I have registered for a race in September:

Barmer Frauenlauf München

The following Monday I have a work related event there anyway, so I decided to sign up and be a pink girl for once. Now let's hope I can run 5K again by then without my heel complaining the next day too much.

23 May 2018

Summer is coming

Photos of today's poppy in the field by MyGuy.

28 March 2018

Good bye cold sheep

Today I broke my yarn buying diet and ordered 3 skeins and a circular needle to participate in the next MKAL for a shawl of Curious Handmade. No regrets!

08 March 2018

1st Bike Commute 2018

Finally a day with no hubby taxing and no appointment of my own, so I opened the bike commute season 2018. Lost a lot of fitness, but it felt really good to get back in the saddle. Even though I think I need a new bike at some point in 2018.