21 April 2017

Reminder of Spring

Since the snow has come back here a little reminder of spring.

11 April 2017

Monday morning scale victory

I actually was down to 65.1kg yesterday morning. Slowly creeping closer to 64kg which is my current goal at 1,64 m.

27 March 2017

66 kg

This morning I am down to 66 kg, so close to the lowest I weight since I started Runtastic tracking (65.2 kg). Wow. Considering that I have not been dieting and only gave up sweets for March.

I am concentrating on fitness goals like going to the gym twice a week and running twice a week. Not quite there yet, but doing ok. I also have started last week to bike to work again, so that should help with fitness and I am enjoying it a lot.

21 March 2017

Qi Gong

Looking forward to the new season of Qi Gong though I missed last week.

23 February 2017


First time I went to a class in the new gym. I had tried Pilates before and suspected I would be sore the next day, but so far not too bad. I plan on going back. Hopefully with a relaxation class that MyGuy might take at the same time that will give us something fixed for fitness.