29 July 2016

Sleep Journal Day 4

I realized I spent probably an hour of my after work time with SIMS on my smartphone. Need to think about how to decrease that time. On the other hand I also knit on the balcony and the reason why I only went to sleep after 11 pm is that I read for about an hour after going to bed. Wanted to keep going, but good sense prevailed, so that I am not even more tired this morning.
Woke up at 5:45 before the alarm clock. Bit tired, but okay once I cycled to work.

28 July 2016

Sleep Journal Day 3

Was really tired very early in the pm, but went to be at 10, read a few pages and out by 10:15. Trying to curb the smartphone time before bed to avoid the light. No TV at all.
Awake by 5:30, cuddle time until 6 ("official" get up time, e.g. when my alarm clock would ring), then up and about.
Feeling a bit sleepy today, but better after bike commute.

27 July 2016

Sleep Journal Day 2

Went to sleep around 11pm after a nice bath and a bit of smartphone time (tsk, tsk, no screen time...)
Woke up about 5:30 before the alarm clock and snuggled until get up time at 6.
Slept well. Feel awake.

26 July 2016

Sleep Journal Day 1

Trying to get the Hack your Sleep Quest done:

Went to Bed 10pm, knit a bit, slept by 10:40
Woke up about 5:20am before alarm clock, cuddled with MyGuy until 6
Slept okay, feel rested

I am sort of resisting the walk for 5mins in the morning as I will ride to work by bike.

06 July 2016

Just a note

I didn't go for a run yesterday, but went to do some errands on the bike, so got some km in.

05 July 2016


Since I did my elevated knee push ups on Sunday my shoulder is complaining. Stupid thing is I am not sure why as I was not pushing myself all that hard and had done other exercises before, so should not have been "cold". Oh well. I plan to go for a run this evening, if I get out early enough to pick up my stuff at the pharmacy and tea shop in town before that.