08 January 2018

Week 1 Review

Went to Pilates and Reha, swam 1000meter and run 6.2 km. Tried one new recipe.

04 January 2018

Recipe 1

First recipe Spaghetti with Kohlrabi. MyGuy's verdict was that seasoning might need tweaking, but the pesto from the leaves and the veggies were nice with the pasta.

21 December 2017

Stash Exploration 2018

I will not buy yarn in 2018, but instead explore the possibilities of my huge stash.

20 December 2017

One Word

I like the idea of having one word as a guiding principle for the year and after some thought came up with


I enjoyed the translations offered at Leo

13 December 2017

Cooking Challenge for 2018

For the new year I want to up my cooking and have decided to cook my way one recipe a week through my cookbook from Herr Grün. So if I also take a photo you should see a bit more action on the blog again.