21 March 2017

Qi Gong

Looking forward to the new season of Qi Gong though I missed last week.

23 February 2017


First time I went to a class in the new gym. I had tried Pilates before and suspected I would be sore the next day, but so far not too bad. I plan on going back. Hopefully with a relaxation class that MyGuy might take at the same time that will give us something fixed for fitness.

06 February 2017

Iron Supplement

Looks like the iron supplement helps, I am feeling more energetic already. Also I am working back to running 5k again, at the moment it is still walk run.

02 February 2017


I have already been to the gym twice this week. Quite proud of myself as I also do in-law shuttling while my FIL is in the hospital. The second session was a bit shorter because the last two stations were occupied and I needed to go to pick MIL up, but at least I have been and done the other 7 exercises.

30 January 2017

Friday on the lake

Finally sunshine rather than fog:

So MyGuy and I went for a walk along the lake.

25 January 2017

Day off

I took a day off from work yesterday. As it was nice I went for a run. Weeeeell: not much running, though some, but felt like crap. Went to the pharmacy to get an iron supplement, but will have to go to the doc, especially since my hand is still tingly.