01 October 2015

One of these days

One of these days I will overcome my fear of heights and get in a balloon.

29 September 2015

Weekend Getaway

This is a view of our favorite weekend getaway bed & breakfast. But this time we also got to see the balloon coming up over Mühlheim, which was exciting.

23 September 2015

Blauer Affe

Read about this restaurant in the Slow Food magazine and as it is not far from our place, I am looking forward to trying something new:

Blauer Affe

18 September 2015


I love how this article presents a way of looking at life as an adventure:

Adventure as an alternative to weight loss

14 September 2015

European Week of Sport

Last week was the European Week of Sport. I only realized this on Sunday, but one strength training, yoga, swimming and daily cycled commutes should see me through.

11 September 2015


As we are cycling more now I have joined the ADFC, this is the German cyclist club.