27 September 2016

Badenweiler looking to the Vogese

We had a good weekend away and could see the mountains in France.

20 September 2016

Pre-Anniversary Bouquet

As we plan on being away on our Anniversary I bought some flowers for the week before for us to enjoy. We had sunflowers in our wedding, so this is a reminder of the day for us.

19 September 2016

Weekend Recap

It seems right now I only run about 6 km each weekend and not in between. For the moment I am okay with this though I would love to add one more run during the week. But for the moment stabilizing the one run a week is more important. Especially since Tai Chi starts up again this week and the indoor pool has opened again, so my Thursday swim can restart too.

I knit quite a bit on one of my current shawls. With the weather turning towards fall shawls are calling to me. I did not finish it, but hopefully this week will see me to the end of the Star Ramble.

With the cooler air food preferences change and we had Spätzle with mushrooms and maroni and I see pumpkin in our near future. Yam!

14 September 2016


Early morning pictures of the sunflower field near our home.

12 September 2016


We went for a spontaneous trip to Heitersheim this week-end. On Saturday we went to the Kurpark in Bad Krozingen and MyGuy took some wonderful pictures of the dahlias while I sat and knitted on my latest shawl. I finally finished darning in the ends on my Greyhound on Sunday. Now it needs a bath and a stretch.

06 September 2016


I finished my newest shawlette and as fall is coming it is a good thing that my starteritis is concentrating on shawls and shawlettes at the moment. Photo to follow, but I am pleased especially as I used most of a ball of old stash Wollmeise that was really colorful.

05 September 2016

Sunday Run Recap

6.22 km walking and jogging. That is fine. It was quite humid for us, so my head felt like it would explode at the end. I probably did not drink enough, so that needs improvement for the next weekend.

And I need to figure out when I can do a second run in the week. MyGuy still needs transportation after his eye surgery, but that is not a real reason, just an excuse.

Looking forward to the 20th when Qi Gong will start again, however need to dig out my book and start practicing again. That will be Tuesday evening's activity for the next months.