29 September 2009

Got Married

The ship we had our afternoon coffee on:

Cake Toppers on our carrot cake wedding cake:
The bus we traveled in: (1964)


21 September 2009

Fall Socks

Having ripped the Ishbel and finished the coupon scarf I cast on for another pair of mindless socks. The fall colors of my other gift ball were just right. So the fall socks live near my TV chair and the Cory socks in my commuter bag. Nicely mindless all of it. Ishbel will be reborn after the wedding.

18 September 2009


Ishbel will likely not survive this weekend. I had problems counting (argh!) in the stockinette area and I have now information from Betty on where she started the lace bit and which rapports, so I am going back and redoing mine. At least the coupon scarf is growing without problems.

I have also cast on the Cory socks from the yarn I got from Cory. In her honor they will be plain socks, I just turned the heel on the first one this morning. At first I seemed to be getting columns of the pink, then I didn't really like the pink. So little that I thought about overdyeing the socks. But now they have grown on me. Perfect train knitting.

17 September 2009


I have seen this on Fillyjonk and could not resist: Rubberducks in Huge and as art. What fun!

14 September 2009

The Monday after

This is how far I have gotten with my Ishbel, just started the first pattern. Aparently I am unable to count and to add the same amount of stitches on both sides of the center. Strangly enough I ended up with everything working.

My "bonus" ball of yarn from my coupon, knit on 7mm needles for a nice loose scarf.

The lovely gifts I received for my birthday: thanks ladies! Dankeschön! Now which one to cast on....

Bodensee meets Backnang

The knitting group Bodenseetreff from Ravelry went to Backnang on Saturday to participate in the first German Ravelry meeting. As you can see breakfast and knitting were combined. After that the "feeding frenzy" for yarn bloomed and every single one of us has made some nice stash additions. Lovely day, great work by the organizers.

As a matter of fact I did not want to come home, not only does Backnang have a lovely yarn shop with lots of different brands, there is a quilt shop and I found 3 book shops just in the inner city. Heaven!

09 September 2009

Julia/Julie Project

Been to the Movies again and watched the Julia/Julie project. I thought it was a nice movie, but the guy we had with us did not much care for it and MyGuy stayed home to begin with. The movie certainly made me want to cook more, even though I am normally not keen on it at all.

08 September 2009

Morning Fog

This is a bit of morning views that MyGuy took pictures today. Nice!

02 September 2009

Quilt of the Month

The international quilt study center has a quilt of the month. This month it is a quilt called Sock Monkey Jamboree, go have a look: Sock Monkey Jamboree.