26 October 2015

Grave yard tree

This weekend while idly cruising around on our bikes, we came across this tree. It's even prettier in real life.

21 October 2015

A little bit of fall

Yesterday MyGuy took this picture. Finally colored leaves and sunshine.

20 October 2015

And up

74,5 kg today. Dominosteine are going directly to the hips, sigh.

16 October 2015


Got a new training program yesterday, let's hope my knee and ankle like it.

13 October 2015

More helmet pics

As you can see we had fun at yesterday's outing with our bikes. Hope we can get a few more rides in this fall.

12 October 2015

Weight 12/10/15

Down to 73,8 kg. But if I do not eat more disciplined this will never go down.

07 October 2015

Flowers in Bad Krozingen

MyGuy had a lot of fun taking pictures of the flowers in the park in Bad Krozingen with dew still on them.

05 October 2015


After a nice breakfast in the restaurant Blauer Affe in Ludwigshafen, we walked for a bit along the lake. Luckily in the afternoon it turned nicer and we could go for a bike ride and sit on the balcony soaking up the October sun.

01 October 2015

One of these days

One of these days I will overcome my fear of heights and get in a balloon.