26 February 2015

Calender Week 8

No weight (likely still up) as we were away over the weekend. No fitness units either, but at least I picked up walking again to and from the railroad station.

Knitting on some socks for MyGuy and eyeing the newest mystery from Vera Sanon.

No patchwork progress at all last week. Need to get on to it this week.

I finally read An Old Man's War, a book that I have owned since 2007. I am also continuing on with Tiger Queens, might have to read some non-fiction on Ghengis Khan to put this in perspective.

16 February 2015

Slow Blogger

As I cannot seem to get to the meetings of the local Slow Food group, maybe I have more luck with this one:

Irish Chain Twist QAL

A bit behind, but I have socks inspired fabric in hand and can start this one:


Calender Week 7

Back to 75kg, drat. No wonder since I have not moved much the last weeks.

For the Sicilian Oranges I have decided on 117 blocks and have cut out the remaining 13 blocks. 100 sewn now.

Cast on a new pair of socks for MyGuy on Valentine's Day, hope to get them finished by next Tuesday, so he can have them when he is away. The brown ones are on hold because they are annoying me.

Read Memories of Running and have now started Winding Ways.

Additional Habit to establish: write down something I am grateful for each day.

11 February 2015


Inspired by a post from A Stitch in Time I have started using Habit RPG. I like the idea, but will have to see how much I am going to stick to it. I have added some stuff that I want/need to do, like finishing Sicilian Oranges with substeps in the checklist, walking and not drinking coke, doing my dishes daily etc. Of course I am still exploring the site, but it looks like fun.

Calender Week 6

No weight this week as I was already in the Netherlands on Monday morning.

No fitness update because the damn cough came back. I want to get out and to the gym, so get lost cough.

I did sew a bit on my Sicilian Oranges, but I am now considering if I want to add another column to it to make it wider. It would then measure 170 * 220 cm. Maybe I will leave it at 153 * 220. I need to cut a bunch more blocks (either 13 or 26 depending on what I decide). I am also still sewing on my Star Struck blocks. And I had this idea spinning around in my mind for green liberated frames on white. I made a few test blocks, but am not sure they are all going to end up in the final quilt.

Started a new pair of socks for ski world championship watching and traveling. Brown for MyGuy.

02 February 2015

Calender Week 5

Surprisingly enough I weighted in at 73,8kg this morning. Surprisingly because I had not moved a lot, the sniffles could not keep me indoors, but the coughing was no joke. I am sure my work colleagues were happy when I finally went home on Thursday. Friday I had a fever on top of the cough and stayed home. Still better off than MyGuy as he is now on sick leave for pneumonia for the second week.

Luckily sewing kept me from eating even more sweets than I did. The good thing about this is that I have now 90 of the blocks for Sicilian Oranges, however I am considering making it one row wider than the brothers' quilts as MyGuy is a bit more substantial than those lads. That would mean I need 130 blocks. I have another 14 cut, so might sew those up first. In addition for every two orange blocks I make one for my star quilt. I laid out a couple of blocks yesterday and I am sure now I am not going to put the sashing from Bonnie's book version, I like the interplay of the triangles and the secondary stars too much. Might mean I need more blocks there, I will have to check. And of course with the sewing of those blocks figured out my brain was off entertaining itself with the idea of green frames. I made one test block yesterday and think I need to make a few more to see if what I am seeing in my mind is what I will get.

Not a lot of reading, but I did start three new books and finished one of them last week, Night Broken by Patricia Briggs.