14 October 2010


The new Verena (Winter 10) is out. However the preview this link is taking you to has saved you from the worst thing in the magazine: Merry Christmas is an intarsia sweater with lots of christmas motives. I thought those had died with the last century, but here is one raising it's ugly head. Otherwise there is some nice stuff in it as far as I could tell from the first flip through.

The second part of the Verena Socken um die Welt is also available and I am enjoying reading the "travel" descriptions, even though some of them have nothing to do with the socks depicted with them. I think I will knit the Nepal socks, maybe without the Ajour (Lace) at the top.

02 October 2010

Stricktreff October 2010

I had a lot of fun, but was busy talking, eating and knitting, so only a few pictures.