28 April 2006

Selling on e-bay

I need to sell my Cherish Teddies, some primitive dolls and teddies to decrease clutter.

Stop drinking coke

This is very bad for me and I want to stop it. I will count it done, if I get through May without any coke or the first full months that I do not drink coke.

Bill Bryson's History of Everything

This is a fun light book on science. Somethings I remember from school, some were in Mountains of the Mind recently and there are other books that relate to what I have read so far. Mapmaker’s Wife and Mason-Dixon are two in my tbr piles that might get pushed forward by this book.

Cycle to the train station

Now that spring is here I plan to cycle to the train station instead of taking the bus.

I also want to convince My Guy to do some cycling, but we might need to find a better saddle for his bike first.

More socks

I continue to knit socks, this time for me. The blue River Rapids have passed the heel of sock 2, so if I got of my fanny it would be just knitting. I have it in my bag actually to do something on it this weekend.

Almost there

I have almost finished the Plant Seeds of kindness, it only lacks the brown stitches at the bottom. Today I was stitching in the train and two older ladies took quite an interest. They were really cute.

Ever the optimist I took my socks and my dragon stitching along, thinking I might need it. – Not in this reality, but hey, who knows.

24 April 2006

May habit

I have made my bed most days, but am really bad still about laying out my clothes. So this continues, but I want to add brushing my teeth to the evening routine.

Started on my clothes

Yesterday I had a bout of throw it out and sorted through my clothes. I have now one box full of clothes and shoes to give to charity. There will be some more when I get my summer things out and I still have to decide on some of my blouses. Better take another look at all the colorful checked blouses. They are cheerful, but do not get worn a lot. Out? I guess so.

MY Guy and I - one year

As My Guy and I have been together for a year on Sunday on Friday evening I decided to stitch something. I found a cute couple and started stitching. Personalized the colors somewhat and kept going on Saturday too. As I had bitten of a bit much for slow stitching me, the backstitching was kept to a minimum and the date is a bit off center, but on Sunday morning My Guy got the picture along with a CD and some tea (Romeo&Juliet and Loving Moments). It was a great surprise and worth the effort. But after the concentrated stitching on Saturday on Sunday I didn’t do much stitching and so no further FOs.

20 April 2006

I am getting a bit itchy for something different

I still enjoy my Lizzie*Kate Plant seeds of Kindness and am on the last third of the chart, but I am now looking for something different to stitch. Luckily I pulled out my reading dragon and realized there is not much missing on that one. So that will be my alternate project and I might actually finish two things instead of starting another new one. As my weekend is My Guy-less (he is taking a class in photography) I will try to get the beading on Santa done, too. Ambitious for such a slow stitcher, sight. I am envious of AngelSan and others who just whizz through the different projects.

18 April 2006

6 more books sold

I just need to ship them which is not quite as easy to do when you are only in Germany after closing hours. But I will manage.

2 more down

I read John Ringo’s most recent book in the Herzer Herrick series and Aunt Dimity and the next of Kin over Easter.

My Guy socks finished

I actually managed to get the socks finished in time. Mainly due to a sick day on Thursday. Unfortunatelly I forgot to take them to his place, so he is still waiting for his Easter present.

10 April 2006

My Guy socks

I want to finish the socks for MY Guy for Easter, so better get cracking on that for this week. Luckily sock knitting works for the commute by train even if the cable needle is making things more difficult. I can however not cable these without needle, I have tried.

At least the weekend edition

I want to read the newspaper more regulary again. The first step is the weekend edition. Should be the easiest as this is the one with the flats and the jobs.

Sold and Shipped 3 more books

I have three more sold. On the other hand I missed the old clothes collection and will have to do that in an alternate mode. I guess I will put a box up for all the things I want to part with.

Mom quilted and bound my gingerbread top

I had this top for a long while without a border. A couple of weeks ago I finally added the borders. My mom has quilted it and bound it for me. This top was a strip piecing class that Mom gave and I took. Lots of fun. It is orange, brown and a off white fabric with gingerbread on it. It will be nice for christmas with very non-traditional colors.

Laying out clothes

I did that yesterday and I have to say it was good. I need to designate a spot for the clothes, but otherwise this one I think I like.

I also made my bed for the first time in ages on the weekend and might take this in the routine. Though I do like to air mine out first as I have seen a documentary on what disgusting things multiply in your bed if you do just make it. Ugh! I wonder if Fly-Lady is aware of that? However I could modify her routine so that I would make the bed before leaving the house instead of right away. I will try that.

So two new things to make a habit of.

05 April 2006

Fly-Lady would be proud - I was

This morning despite wanting to “do it later” I emptied the dishwasher (not such a big task after all) and I was proud of myself. Babysteps… I’ll get there eventually.