25 June 2008


Since Finn has a waterfall picture, here is one from Tirol, Austria from last fall.

23 June 2008


Check out this article about how Amazon treats publishers:
New York Times

QFAH come together

I have finished the center of my quilt for an hour top yesterday and have to say I am happy with it. I have to take a picture yet, but I am now thinking about the border. There will certainly be an inner border that I know what I want to do, but have to calculated how the pieces need to be cut for it to come out correctly. Then... that is open for discussion as I do not want to buy more fabric and think it would actually need a repeat of the dark purple one.

13 June 2008

Stitchery Give Away

I really like Lynette Anderson's patterns, even if I have yet to make one. Check out her Give Away of the newest pattern:


12 June 2008

Gas Station Cozy

No joy still with my socks, but have a look:

Gas Station Cozy

This was to raise awareness to gas consumption. I think doubling the gallon prize did that too.

11 June 2008

Knitting is not going well

Recently it seems my socks are ganging up on me. The green one I started in March has disappeared, the hourglass one is in another time out until I figure out if I need to rip the second one back to the heel yet again, the beige one I started is so tight that it will only fit a crane not a human being... Argh!!!

At least my sewing is going well, I finished all 24 QFAH blocks on Sunday evening. Now however I keep deliberating on the sashing. I would like mine to be a bit bigger and a triple sashing with nine patch blocks might do that, but I am not sure if it will spoil the effect. Hmmm...

03 June 2008

Step 5 finished

Due to a day of the runs (also known as sick leave) I am now caught up on step 5 of the Orange Crush. Luckily you can sew this in small increments and the way to the facilities is short. Now I can get to hour two of Judy's Quilt for an Hour tomorrow. For today I am off to bed.

01 June 2008

A peek at step 5 of the OC

This are my first 5 step 5 blocks with some step 4 ones. I have my doubts about the lilac, but on the photo it looks ok, so maybe it will turn out alright. In real life the colors are more subdued. Compared with the riot in the CC (see header) this one is very sedate and with the yardage there just is not that much variety. I think I prefer a CC type quilt, mainly because I just do not have much yardage.

What I am up to

This is the sample block of step for of the OC. They all look pretty much the same. That made it boring for me and I finally sat myself down and did assemby line sewing on the 10 I was missing. Not I have 30 finished ones.
On to step 5.
These are my hour glass socks that I am currently knitting. Let'a hope third time is the charm, as this is the third go at the heel I have.