23 February 2017


First time I went to a class in the new gym. I had tried Pilates before and suspected I would be sore the next day, but so far not too bad. I plan on going back. Hopefully with a relaxation class that MyGuy might take at the same time that will give us something fixed for fitness.

06 February 2017

Iron Supplement

Looks like the iron supplement helps, I am feeling more energetic already. Also I am working back to running 5k again, at the moment it is still walk run.

02 February 2017


I have already been to the gym twice this week. Quite proud of myself as I also do in-law shuttling while my FIL is in the hospital. The second session was a bit shorter because the last two stations were occupied and I needed to go to pick MIL up, but at least I have been and done the other 7 exercises.