31 May 2006

On the final stretch

I have finished both sleeves and the back and am up to the chest on the front. So this green sweater is approaching the finishing line just when the weather got bad and cold again.

And a quickie in between

I have gotten Mary Davidson’s latest on Betsy the Vampire Queen and this one I am reading in between. Despite the fact that Nachtzug is close to the end and still very interesting. But with all the philosophical ideas in the later one, I am glad I am for once reading it in German.

SAL instead of Finishing

I am still enjoying the sea horses though their process is slow, but now will start another project as there is a SAL for it. But as it was one that I already had in my stash I am fine with that.

30 May 2006

Menu planning

I want to plan for dinner and office food better. Dinner will be a bit more of a challenge as I spend time in my flat and in My Guy’s and never quite know where I will be. But maybe we can plan together and try new things.

SAL Frederic the Literate

On AngelSan’s forums I found two other ladies who want to do this cross stitch project. We will stitch at least an hour a day on it. I think this will be fun.

I will close this

as I have not drunk coke in 4 weeks. I will drink a bit once in a while again, but keep it down.

29 May 2006

I want to give up M&Ms for June

Lately we have eaten a lot of M&Ms and I think it is bad for me. So I will try to do what I have done with coke in May and severly limit my intake for June.

1 Glass on Saturday

I had one glass of coke light on Saturday, but despite watching my cousin guzzle down coke all evening and despite the wine being no good, that was all. As this was a wedding, I am fine with my “fall from grace”...

I am moving again

and I am going to use my stickers on my calender again. After doing well with drinking less coke ( I had one small glass on Saturday, that is all in May) I will try for no more M&Ms in June. This should be good for My Guy as well. It is possible that he is a bit allergic to peanuts. It might be something else, but we will try peanuts first.

Finished March to the Stars

and am now reading Nachtzug nach Lissabon. That one is a really quick read. I am close to finishing it.

I seem to sell books in threes

Because that is what I sold this weekend. They are already off, blessing someone else.

Finally walked again on Saturday

I finally got my butt out of bed on Saturday and walked a medium round. Actually I run several short stretches too and after dancing Saturday night as well I now have some sore muscles. But least I am finally moving again. This morning I have done 13 min of Pilates, too.

22 May 2006

Mail Hotspot

I have now decluttered most of my mail hotspot. There is some health insurance stuff still there, but the salary and other insurance as well as the banking stuff are all in their correct files now.

May 22nd and still coke-less

I am doing good on this so far. It was tempting before the concert, but not as bad as at the office. Still drinking too much ice tea as compensation, but getting there.

Quilt magazines decluttered

I dumped a bunch of magazines the other day. Basically anything before 1995 (yes I had mags from 1991 on). It felt a bit strange and it was depressing as you could hardly notice any dent. But Babysteps will get me there. At least they are gone. Some calenders went too, so I feel good about it.

3 more books gone

I sent out three more books through amazon. But I think I need to put the listed books in a box in the basement, they do not need to clutter up the small room where my dinner table, my crafts and my computer already vie for room. But for that I will need to see which ones are already online and which ones still need to be posted.

19 May 2006

Project Spectrum

This is a project where each month has a color scheme and you do what ever craft you enjoy in this color. May is green. I have actually started a gree short sleeved sweater in May, so I am on track.

18 May 2006

Still not doing good at this

I bought apples, but am not eating them. Sigh.

Getting dressed right away

This has been developing as a habit the last few weeks. I sleep in the nude, so I used to put on something relaxed and then change, now I just put on the nice things right away. Still resisting the shoes though. And still not putting out my clothes on the previous evening. Still a goal there.

Tax paid

I did pay the rest of the first quaters tax and two more invoices that were in area.

Finally got three more books read

I finally finished Bill Bryson’s History of Everything and Donna Andrew’s Owl is well. And I started and finished Bronte project (can’t remember the author just now). I am now reading David Weber’s March to the Stars.

But then I bought another 6 books…

I got my organ donor card ...

... and have it next to my id in my wallet, so I will call this done.

May 18th and still on track

Work has been stressful and coke as well as ice tea have been provided for free at our training event, but so far while drinking too much ice tea I at least managed to stay true to my no coke resolution. That is alright with me. Baby steps!

12 May 2006

Still on track

I am still on track with this. Yesterday I drank Ice Tea instead of coke which is just about as bad, but at least I kept my resolution. Ice Tea can come later, for now I will concentrate on coke.

Well, I do like the 7mm needle gauge after all

I have knitted a bit more with the 7mm needles and though the gauge is fairly loose, I decided it looks okay and will be nice and airy for summer. So I knit the whole first short sleeve and cast on for the second one. New Cotton is a pleasure to feel while knitting. I still dislike using needles that big, they are not comfortable to knit with. On the other hand they will make for a quick garment. They are not addis either which I prefer, but I am not buying addis for a size that I do not enjoy anyway.

10 May 2006

New Yarn

Aehm, I bought new yarn… But I really need some more summer knits so I bought Lana Grossa New Cotton and New Cotton Lino for two short sleeved sweaters. One will be Bob, but for the other I do not like the gauge that I get with the recommended needels. The gauge is spot on, but it looks bad. Well what do you expect: recommended needles 4,5mm, pattern (for this yarn) done with 7mm needels. I might knit a bit more on the sleeve. 5 rows is not much to base my descion on. Otherwise I will knit it with the smaller needles which will mean recalculations. Pain in the behind, but do able.

corner clutter reduced

At least I dumped the boxes and most of the bags. Some other things I want to keep will have to find a proper place.

I am fairly proud of myself for having done this right away.

08 May 2006

Next to do: the corner behind my kitchen door

For some reason a lot of stuff has ended up there. Boxes and bags and the like. This needs to be seriously reduced, so that the door can be opened again properly. I will have to try to find another place for the broom, too, but that might take a bit creativity.

Received my marrow donor package

I received my package, but did not have time to take a look at it yet. I will need to get blood drawn and for that I will need to have an appointment at my doctors.

Clothes went to goodwill shop

On Saturday I got around to taking my “old” clothes to the charity shop. Such a relief. I did buy two new summer dresses, but I had a big box full of things I am not wearing that I gave away, so the net effect was still very positive.

Weekend coke free

I made it through the weekend without coke, that made me happy. Usually that is the time I am weakest. Especially with warm weather like this weekend.

05 May 2006

Green for Project Spectrum

I have a green swatch and it would make a lovely cardigan and the color would fit with PS. So better get going. The pattern is from a Rowan mag, so I’ll have to check the sleeve length. For some reason they tend to be long on me. And Lana Grossa has too large necklines as rule. Sigh.

But I have recovered from my earlier knitting marathon enough to look forward to knitting the cardi.

Riding to the train station

I did this two days this week. The other days I went to work by car as it was closing week, so I am okay with my progress on this.

I also went shopping by bike yesterday. Just a few things, so that was good.

Day 4

This one was fairly easy despite the warmer weather that makes me crave coke instead of tea. But fine so far.

Organ Donor

I had a little organ donor card in my twenties and it got lost. Now I am finally replacing it. My parents are aware that I wish to be an organ donor and I am sure they will go through with it if necessary, but I will feel better when I have a card again.

Bone Marrow Donor

I found a German web site and have sent of for the necessary forms.

Add inline skating to my exercise goals

I have the skates and the protectors, I can use my bike helmlet, so this goes on the goal list. Twice each month this summer would be a good goal.

04 May 2006

Whoops missed Wednesday again...

I had a crazy week and only today realized that it is already Thursday. Hmph.

3rd day no coke

Yep, doing good so far, though this time with going for lunch it was a bit harder. But we ordered two big bottles of water for all and I did drink that. This morning was a bit of a temptation as I missed my train by a minute and had to wait for 20 min for the next. Prime coke occasion… But I staid steadfast. A bit proud of myself.

03 May 2006

3 glasses

I had 3 glasses of water yesterday. This goes well with drinking less coke. I also had 2 glasses of apple juice with lots of water. So I am getting there.

2nd of May

Another day with no coke and the temptation was not all that bad.

02 May 2006

Income Tax 2005

I really need to do that. Having been out of work for 2 months in 2005 I will get a refund, but only if I file my taxes. Better get on with this.

Well I got an IShuffle

and I got it as a gift. I love it. At some point I will probably get an IPod, but I love my Shuffle a lot, especially since it was a gift from My Guy. Just because he bought an IPod for himself. It’s just sooo nice.

Need to work on this

I really want to do more here, especially as I will need to make up for the coke I am not drinking.

Doing badly

I need to work more on this especially as I have the feeling that lacking vitamins might have to do something with feeling tired all the time. So apples and veggies need to creep in my diet again. Should be easier now that spring is here.

Making my bed

I am starting to really develop this as a habit. My bed is not perfectly made, but it looks much nicer than the nest it used to be. I air my bedding while I have breakfast and then make my bed. Not what Fly Lady recommends, but unaired is seriously yucky for me. I also make our bed when we are at My Guy’s place, so this is really a daily habit.


I have the contract for the permanent job, I just need to read and sign it. YEAH!

Therefore I will consider this done. Some celebration will ensue as soon as I find time to bake some cakes…

Plant seeds of Kindness

The actual stitching is finished and I will consider it a finished object. I really like how it turned out despite having used the wrong color for the carrot tops. I am thinking of making a wallhanging with it, but am not sure.

Instead of getting on with the reading dragon I started something new. It’s a picture of two seahorses. When done, it will be a present for my friend Andrea. She enjoys seahorses.

1st of May

I did well on the first day despite the temptation of the quilt show. I think I need to find some alternative to get my blood pressure up, I believe it is very low. Better get the doc to check it. Green and black tea will serve as substitutes I guess.

Biking on Sunday with My Guy

We actually went biking on Sunday, that was so cool. My Guy says biking hurts his butt, but he was doing it, because he knew that it would make me happy. We went for a little round, visited the orchids field nearby and soaked up a lot of sun. Not a lot of kilometers, but we did it and that’s the most important thing.