14 October 2010


The new Verena (Winter 10) is out. However the preview this link is taking you to has saved you from the worst thing in the magazine: Merry Christmas is an intarsia sweater with lots of christmas motives. I thought those had died with the last century, but here is one raising it's ugly head. Otherwise there is some nice stuff in it as far as I could tell from the first flip through.

The second part of the Verena Socken um die Welt is also available and I am enjoying reading the "travel" descriptions, even though some of them have nothing to do with the socks depicted with them. I think I will knit the Nepal socks, maybe without the Ajour (Lace) at the top.

02 October 2010

Stricktreff October 2010

I had a lot of fun, but was busy talking, eating and knitting, so only a few pictures.

29 September 2010

Fall Knitty

The new Knitty is out and finally some sweaters rather than just accessoirs. Nice!

26 September 2010

Visited a vernisage

On Friday I visited a vernisage in Bad Bellingen where we had gone for a long weekend. The quilts were wonderfully crafted, but it was very crowded during the vernisage.

Backnang - the bounty

Non Lace Yarn that I bought

Yarn Pool Catch 1

Yarnpool Catch 2

Lace yarn that I bought

A new hoby: Naalbinding

Knitting with beads

Backnang - the yarnpool

Backnang - the people

Backnang - view of a mascot

20 September 2010

2. German Ravelry Meeting - I am back

I made it back and the damage to my wallet was not too bad. I will try to upload photos tonight, yesterday when I got home MyGuy needed some attention.

I loved the classes and enjoyed spending time with my knitting cirlce ladies and hope we get to do it again next year.

17 September 2010

13 September 2010

What I do for MyGuy

Last Friday there was a company run in our town and MyGuy has signed me up along with himself for participation. Mind neither of us is what you would call sporty, so we only walked one round, but at least we counted as active participants for his company. It was fun, though we did not get any sort of placement.

12 September 2010

06 September 2010

Weekend in Oeztal

The last weekend of August we spent in Austria in the Oeztal. Saturday the weather was not good, but we spent the days at the Therme and in the sauna, so enjoyed it despite the constant drizzle. On Sunday however it had cleared and we got a chance to revisit the Stuibenfall, Tirol's highest waterfall.

Looking down the Stuibenfall

Brave on the hanging bridge

Fall messangers

Stuibenfall: 159 m

26 August 2010

Iraqi Bundles of Love

After having had a look for yarn for the yarn pool I know I also have some sewing and knitting stuff that I can send to Iraq to be given to locals for their own clothes or to start a small business. Care to help? Have a look for the IBOL Guy and IBOL 2.1 Less quilt and less stuff for me, a bit better life for someone in Iraq, sounds like a Win-Win to me.

23 August 2010

My new sewing table

My father in law and MyGuy made a new sewing table for me. The base is from an old sewing table and solid iron, with great curlices. The top is a new wooden board that they smoothed, rounded the corners and edges and sealed. Here I am test driving it. This is the first time in ages that I did any patchwork as the room had a leak for so long, but now I am all set to finish my pink and grey blocks and make a quilt. However the next thing is a mat for my sewing machine to protect the table and to dampen the noise.

16 August 2010


We went on a boat trip this sunday, two hours on Lake Constance with the old Steam Boat "Hohentwil". The ship originally served on Lake Constance as the State Ship for the King of Wurttemberg from 1913 on  and has now been lovingly renovated. Unfortunately the weather was just short of bad, but we enjoyed the excursion from Bodman past the Marienschlucht to Ueberlingen and back along Sipplingen and Ludwigshafen. It may not have been our last time on the ship.

13 August 2010

Knitting Meeting at my house

I am looking forward to seeing all the Bodensee knitters at my place tomorrow!

09 August 2010


The festival is over, the Simple Minds played at midnight after car problems delayed them for 2 hours. But at that point my feet and legs hurt like hell.

However earlier in the evening (around 7) the Swiss Newcomer Band 2010 was playing: Pegasus. Those I loved, they sounded California Rock meets Blues Brothers.

06 August 2010

Simple Minds

We are going to see the Simple Minds (among others) tomorrow in Schaffhausen at the festival there. Just cross your fingers the rain finally will let up.

29 July 2010

Kunst am Bein

Wahrscheinlich wisst Ihr das schon aber Opal hat einen Wettbewerb "Kunst am Bein".

The Germans likely already know, there is a contest from Opal: Art at the Leg

28 July 2010

Joe Bonamassa

Last Tuesday we went to Tuttlingen to one of the tent concerts of the Honberg Sommer 2010. We got to see and hear Joe Bonamassa which was great. Hot inside the tent and they always have it tuned a bit too loud. But one step outside and you were fine. My legs hurt afterwards, because I am no longer used to moving with the music for 2 hours, but it was an intense concert.

Now imagine my pleased surprise when I got home yesterday and found I had won one of his CDs (signed), yeah!

25 July 2010

Current Socks on the Sticks

Jules or rather Juliette

Sneaky Snake
I am currently knitting the free pattern Jules and the current KAL sock for the Socks from the Toe up: Serpentine Sock.

Colorful Results

All my new skeins in one picture
Triadic Colors: Purple-Green-Orange

Almost Solids Raspberry



Spice Rack
These are finally pictures of the dye meeting of my knitting group, as you can see I got 5 different skeins, and am looking forward to knitting them up, soon.

18 July 2010

Ice Sandwich Socks

Eissandwich Socken

I have finished those socks on Thursday and hadn't taken a picture of them when at the Dyeing meeting we figured they fit Eva better and I have given them to her. However I managed to snatch a pic before they went to live with her.

This is the second pair I have done from the Socks form the Toe up book and I have decided to knit them all, joined the KAL at Ravelry and started July's Snaking Socks.