29 June 2015

Summer is here

On the scale: 75,4kg.

Knitting like crazy on the sleeves for my Picea, I would love to finish this. Of course it now is warm and I am not likely to wear it, but I want to start something new and need the needles in this piece.

No reading to talk off.

However I finally got around to throwing out old computer equipment and am happy with that.

22 June 2015

Weight Management Rebooted

According to my scales I am at 75,2kg (feels like more), so I need to get back to walking, gym and swimming as well as drinking less alcohol and eating less sweets.

First goal: go for one walk/run this week.

Otherwise I am considering if I need to rip the sleeves of my current cardigan project and add a bit more ease. In the meantime I am knitting the current shawl from Ysolda's shawl club. Sweet!

15 June 2015

Short Update

I had given up on the weekly weigh ins for the moment, but now that my job search is coming to a close I will try to put more energy in health issues as weight and sport again.

I am also not reading a lot these days, though I have enjoyed "Small Blessings" and started in on "The Gospel of Loki".

However my new cardigan is coming along nicely and I am enjoying knitting with Diabadu's Cool Merino.

01 June 2015

Time flies

Not weighing myself currently, too depressing.

But I undid the cast off on my Fintry and did another ring yesterday and now I love it.

No reading going on these days.

Yesterday we had a wonderful sunny day with lots of chances for MyGuy to take photos and for me to knit.