29 January 2010

Knitting Books

I finally broke down and got the second Mason Dixon book. I am pleasantly surprised. The text is funny and I enjoyed the hints, but that I expected. However this time the patterns are also speaking to me, I am looking forward to making some of the things in there or take them as points to start from.

The other book I got is Reversible Knits. The patterns are technically interesting, though if I want something that looks like crochet, I will crochet it. The projects however are fugly in my opinion. Some of it is just unwearable with my figure, that is ok, but some of it is just plain no way, Jose.

20 January 2010


I have just finished the latest Leary book I had: When the Tide Rises . I enjoyed it, light reading with likeable (for me) characters.

I am currently reading Eat, Pray, Love and have finished the first two parts. It is good reading for the train as it contains short pieces.

Also finished during MyGuy's hospital stay: Italienische Reisen from the SALTO series by Wagenbach. That was so,so. Some of it more interesting, some too much art history for me.

I have also finished reading Gwen Marston's book Liberated Quiltmaking II which I found disappointing as most of it I already knew from her earlier books. It also seemed Liberated Quiltmaking light to me compared to the original book. But the quilts, especially those of the students, are inspiring.


18 January 2010

Blog Break

I currently do not have much time for blogging or crafting, as MyGuy has hurt his wrist and is needing a bit of comforting.

14 January 2010


Please consider making a donation for the earth quake victims, I have done so at Aerzte ohne Grenzen.

Or shop on Etsy: Craft Hope

Or Ravelry: Help for Haiti

06 January 2010

Another Hat rework

Last Saturday we also had the first knitting meeting of 2010 and as usual a lot of fun. I showed the others my "slightly" oversized hat (fit for a teapot not a human head). If you want to see a picture head for this post in Nadelfee's blog. Today I had a day off but due to a cold could not do much, so I followed last Saturday's suggestions and ribbed the ribbing, decreased (64 out of 192 stitches) and reknit the ribbing. It was still a bit large on me and the colorwork was wonky. However I fear the bath I have given the slouch hat might only have helped with the second problem. I have a feeling the knitting loosened up again, but only time will tell, as the hat is currently drying.

04 January 2010


Here we finally have a picture of the mittens we got for our wedding from the members of my knitting group. We were really surprised and pleased.