26 May 2008

Turkish Socks finished

I finally finished my "Turkish Socks". This is what the colors for some reason reminded me off. They are fairly tight as the patterning stitch makes it inflexible. But I love how they turned out. The yarn was Drachenwolle.

20 May 2008

Quilt for an Hour - 1st step

First step and I am already behind. I did not cut my pieces ahead of time, so yesterday, instead of sewing my 76 HST I was cutting them. Oh well, I will sew them today and just be behind...

18 May 2008

Mai Stricktreff

As you can see we knit, studied kintting magazines and finished first socks ever on our May Knitting meeting. It was fun and we thank Petra for having us!

13 May 2008

Orange Crush step 4 HST

I have sewn and pressed all the half square triangles for the Spinning Star block in the OC and have sewn 2 blocks. They are turning out nice, but I kept having a bit of trouble with the third row in the star and got fed up. Back to it today... I think I need more of the light purple I bought the other day for Judy's quilt in an hour as an accent to the OC. Oh well, I am not destashing...

12 May 2008

Room with a view

Normally I do not talk much about work here, but I am soooo happy to finally have moved in the new office. And look at the views I have. This one is the one straight out (and yes there is a bike in our office).

The other one shows the view when I roll a bit back with my chair and look to the left. Lovely Rhine on both sides.

09 May 2008

Quilt for an hour - fabric

It is a good thing I have never said I would reduce my stash of fabric! Since I usually buy fat quarters up to half meter cuts I did not have any "background" fabric stash, so I bought two shades of purple for the background. I will use some of the fun yellows/oranges I have as stars.

I also bought grey and black fabric for my Happy Stars quilt and a background fabric for my CC. Now I need to do some washing...

04 May 2008

Crazy Goldfish orFinding Nemo

Finally I finished another pair of socks. These ones are for me and they are the first pair of plain socks that I have knit in forever. However I was trying the short row heel and am pleased with how it turned out. I still like the dutch heel and so on better, but at least this means I have concured one of my mental hurtles on toe up socks. This pair can serve as a model for where to put the heel. The color is called crazy goldfish or something with goldfish, but I always think fof it as Finding Nemo.

02 May 2008

Orange Crush Step 2 and 3

8 of my step 2 blocks in two arrangements. I am sure they will end up in a totally different way, but as others have discoverred, playing with them is fun.
And 4 of my step 3 blocks, luckily this short step allowed me to catch up.