29 June 2016

Back to the gym

I finally made it back to the gym. As I came by bike I skipped the cardio warm up, though I might need to reconsider this for next time, at least do some jumping jacks.

The workout went ok even though I could feel my back still a bit. One exercise I had to skip because the dude there was just not moving on and I was not feeling social enough to ask him to share, but I am okay with that.

I did a bit of standing on one leg with various movements as recommended by my physio therapist to help with the imbalance that is a cause for my back pain. I keep forgetting to balance when brushing my teeth which was the recommendation.

27 June 2016


As there was a lot of rain the last couple of weeks and the snow is still melting in the mountains the Rhine Falls in Neuhausen had a lot of water and it looked quite impressive.

There is a statue to remember the first aluminium production in Switzerland. I used to work in Schaffhausen and go for walks during my lunch break along the Rhine. In a bout of nostalgia I decided to run the path from the Rhine falls to the Munot. After weaving my way through the tourists at the falls I started running and for the most part I was able to run up to the spot where the bridge crosses below the munot. There were a few breaks due to crossing the Rhine on a bridge and ups and downs (which my knee prefers for me to walk rather than jog), but overall I ran. Happy! Up on the Munot I met up with MyGuy who had been happily taking photos of the lovely roses in bloom up there.

24 June 2016


I weight 67,1 kg on Wednesday. So I am up from last week, but not worried as the general tendency is going the right direction. My goal weight is 63 kg or thereabouts, as I am 1.64 m tall (or short) that gets me in a normal range, nothing too crazy. I just want to help my knees stay healthy and be able to move when I get older.

Nerd Fitness challenge is to keep a Food Log, but so far that just annoys me, so for the moment I have shelved the app approach. They are also suggesting taking photos of all you eat, which I am considering, but think is embarrassing in the cafeteria at work. Hmmm.

23 June 2016

Nerd Fitness

I have joined the Nerd Fitness Academy and as it is one suggestion to keep a daily log on for example a blog, I thought I would use the blog I already have.

Makes sense too, as there are already trackers for my weight loss and for the journey to Mordor at the bottom.

02 June 2016


Not sure if this is motivation for Saturday, but it was fun fooling around with the sculpture.