27 June 2016


As there was a lot of rain the last couple of weeks and the snow is still melting in the mountains the Rhine Falls in Neuhausen had a lot of water and it looked quite impressive.

There is a statue to remember the first aluminium production in Switzerland. I used to work in Schaffhausen and go for walks during my lunch break along the Rhine. In a bout of nostalgia I decided to run the path from the Rhine falls to the Munot. After weaving my way through the tourists at the falls I started running and for the most part I was able to run up to the spot where the bridge crosses below the munot. There were a few breaks due to crossing the Rhine on a bridge and ups and downs (which my knee prefers for me to walk rather than jog), but overall I ran. Happy! Up on the Munot I met up with MyGuy who had been happily taking photos of the lovely roses in bloom up there.

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