27 April 2008

April Stricktreff am Bodensee

These are the members of my knitting group on my balcony.As you can see most of them are very busy. Bianca on the other hand was getting ready to give the available magazines a good airing.

Von den paar Photos, die ich gemacht habe, war dass das beste. Hat schon seinen Grund warum mein Liebster bei uns die Photos macht... Schön, dass Ihr da wart. Ich freu mich schon aufs nächste Mal.

Orange Crush Step 1 finished

Here are half of my four patches for the Orange Crush Mystery by Bonnie. Mine are fairly unscrappy colorwise, but I wanted to use some of the brown fabrics that were in my stash after the basket quilt I have done ages ago. I have cut all the pieces for step 2 and am on my way through the assembly now. Fun! They too will be light and dark browns, I think of them as "background" but of course I do not know how it will turn out with the yardage added. I really enjoy this however.

23 April 2008

Blue Ridge by T.R. Pearson

You might have noticed that I have added the initials challenge to my sidebar. This is the first book I read for this challenge where the author is known by his/her initials rather than the first names. The book was languishing in my tbr piles and it is good to finally have gotten it out.

Two stories of cousins are recounted at the same time, switching back and forth between the two. This I usually enjoy and it certainly did not distract. One plot had Paul go to NYC to identify his son whom he barely knew, the other has Ray trying to solve the mystery of bones found in the State Forest. I was expecting the stories to merge at some point or at least interact, this was not the case until the very end and then sort of tucked on. I read more like two novellas than a unified work which I found regrettable. The book therefore was just so so for me. I don't think I would based on this one read more books of the author even if the language was great.

16 April 2008

Carolina Crossroads Top

This is finally a picture of my finished Carolina Crossroads Top. I gave it a small pink border and a two block deep railroad fence border in the same dimension as the original railroad blocks but in a different color combination. MyGuy says it looks very green, but I told him spring is green. Now I need to dig out some stuff for a backing.

I have started the Orange Crush four patches for the next mystery. I found it hard to get started on this as I do not have 1,5 yards of most fabrics, I am more a fat quarter, half yard buyer. I am not sure if mine will work (contrast and one of them is fairly patternd), but this is stash, so I will go with it.

15 April 2008

A bit of nuttiness....

You Are a Brazil Nut

To most people, you seem exotic, unusual, and even a bit scary.

But you're really quite normal. You're just hard to get to know.

If people leave you alone and let you do your thing, you really shine.

But you tend to get lost in a crowd, especially if it's filled with big personalities.