15 December 2014


As I cannot seem to get of my butt, the goal for the moment is to establish a minimum gym visits quota: 2 per week for the next 7 weeks.

Been yesterday, check. The good thing was they had downhill skiing on, the slalom of the men, so I was on the elliptic trainer while that lasted without being bored.

04 December 2014

Back to Fitness and Weightmanagement

On Monday I weight myself and this is where I am: 77,3 kg. Too much for a 1,64 m person. So I need to lose some of that over the next couple of months. If I loose a kilo a month by next year christmas I would be at the low weight range that I have achieved.

I have canceled my Weightwatchers membership some time ago, because I was not using it, and I will not renew it. I might go for an analog food diary, but if so not before next year.

Yesterday I finally went back to the gym. Not a long session, but at least I went. Now just need to get back in the habit. Immediate goal: Wednesday is gymday. If you want to see more of my fitness you can also visit at Tribesports