13 January 2008

Step 5 done

As I was taking picures anyway I decided to add some of my step 4 halftriangles.

These are most of my step 5 hourglasses. Why only most? Because I could not resist trying at least one of the blocks in step 6. I was afraid the green hour glasses would not show up as star points, but I think they look okay. I am thinking of making another one with black red and yellow, we willl see. That culd finally be my patriotic quilt.

08 January 2008

Step 3 and 4 finished

Well, is't it amazing what 2 sick days can do for you? I finished step 3 (pictured) and step 4 f the Carolina Crossrads mystery. Step 4 was a measly 40 units and deemed not photoworthy as there were too few stacks (excuse me, 40 blocks? This mystery is certainly changing the way I count blocks.). By the way is it me or are we missing counterparts for those? I have also started step 5 and almost boobood that one as I was getting ready to cut dark and light triangles rather than the needed accent and light ones, pooh, just caught that one in time. So back to green and yellow. I have all the unit cut and started on the sewing, but am not yet even done with joining the triangles. But almost caught up now!

06 January 2008

Fillyjonk's Horsecrab Socks

I think I never showed my finished Horsecrab Socks, so I will do so now as I am wearing them today. Lovely pattern and fun to knit.

Spring Tree

This is my current project at home: cross stitching a Japanese Spring Tree. As it is a lot of confetti stitching with evenweave I need to count carefully. But at least with the addition of the trunk and a bit of grass it now looks like a tree. Hopefully when spring comes around I will have this finished.

01 January 2008

Process on Carolina Crossroads

These are the step 1 and 2 units from the Carolina Crossroads. MyGuy says this makes him wuzzy, just looking at it. I guess I will need to get a photographer...

Christmas Socks

MIL socks: Go with the Flow in Wollmeise.

FIL socks:Spey Valley in Regia

MyGuy Socks: pattern from Sensational Socks in Wollmeise.