21 December 2017

Stash Exploration 2018

I will not buy yarn in 2018, but instead explore the possibilities of my huge stash.

20 December 2017

One Word

I like the idea of having one word as a guiding principle for the year and after some thought came up with


I enjoyed the translations offered at Leo

13 December 2017

Cooking Challenge for 2018

For the new year I want to up my cooking and have decided to cook my way one recipe a week through my cookbook from Herr Grün. So if I also take a photo you should see a bit more action on the blog again.

23 August 2017

Last Sunday on the lake

Took a small round trip on the lake and enjoyed watching the sail boats.

03 August 2017

Last Sunday on the Mainau

Got bored watching hubby with the camera, so shot some pics with the mobile.

This is one of MyGuy's pictures of a passion flower.

18 July 2017


What we do for love... Hubby had this photo idea and here it is.

12 June 2017

Munot on Sunday

We enjoyed a visit to Schaffhausen's rosegarden on the Munot early on Sunday.

21 April 2017

Reminder of Spring

Since the snow has come back here a little reminder of spring.

11 April 2017

Monday morning scale victory

I actually was down to 65.1kg yesterday morning. Slowly creeping closer to 64kg which is my current goal at 1,64 m.

27 March 2017

66 kg

This morning I am down to 66 kg, so close to the lowest I weight since I started Runtastic tracking (65.2 kg). Wow. Considering that I have not been dieting and only gave up sweets for March.

I am concentrating on fitness goals like going to the gym twice a week and running twice a week. Not quite there yet, but doing ok. I also have started last week to bike to work again, so that should help with fitness and I am enjoying it a lot.

21 March 2017

Qi Gong

Looking forward to the new season of Qi Gong though I missed last week.

23 February 2017


First time I went to a class in the new gym. I had tried Pilates before and suspected I would be sore the next day, but so far not too bad. I plan on going back. Hopefully with a relaxation class that MyGuy might take at the same time that will give us something fixed for fitness.

06 February 2017

Iron Supplement

Looks like the iron supplement helps, I am feeling more energetic already. Also I am working back to running 5k again, at the moment it is still walk run.

02 February 2017


I have already been to the gym twice this week. Quite proud of myself as I also do in-law shuttling while my FIL is in the hospital. The second session was a bit shorter because the last two stations were occupied and I needed to go to pick MIL up, but at least I have been and done the other 7 exercises.

30 January 2017

Friday on the lake

Finally sunshine rather than fog:

So MyGuy and I went for a walk along the lake.

25 January 2017

Day off

I took a day off from work yesterday. As it was nice I went for a run. Weeeeell: not much running, though some, but felt like crap. Went to the pharmacy to get an iron supplement, but will have to go to the doc, especially since my hand is still tingly.

23 January 2017

Second Gym this week

Went to the gym again on Sunday. After Friday's blood donation I am not feeling too great and my hand feels a bit tingly numb, but I did the regular training. Happy about that. I skipped this week's run, but it would have been too much.

20 January 2017

Thursday Kilometer

Did my usual 1.000 m (meters) yesterday in the pool. I had looked to see if another day would work better with Tuesday as a gym day, but Thursday is the easiest day for swimming after work.

18 January 2017

Gym 1 Calender Week 3

Went to the gym yesterday to do my new to me training. So far so good not too sore. Met Tanja which was nice.

16 January 2017

Walking with a little bit of running

On Saturday I walked in the afternoon while the weather was holding: 6,77km according to my Runtastic App. I had intended to run more than I did, but after such a long pause it was good to get started at all. I will run each weekend as that seems to be the only daylight if I do not bring my running stuff to work and that feels weird at this moment in time.

13 January 2017

Moving again

For the last couple of months my movement was very little. Now I have the will back and I have already taken some action. Done an introductory training at a new gym as my old one no longer participates in the health program that my employer sponsors. Gone swimming yesterday. The goal for the moment is to do my strength training at least once a week and go swimming on Thursdays. Anything above that is right now optional. I do not want to set up to many action points to start so that I can at least do these consistently. Then once these are "automatic" I can add a second session or Yoga or running to the routine.

Foodwise my goal for the moment is to not drink coke and have an apple every morning. Babysteps. I would like to cook more from my recipe books and to cook more soup, but not sure how to make those good goals yet.