25 January 2009

Finally a photo of y latest socks

As the wool was quite bright I chose to make them just stockinet socks and have been wearing them to fight of the dreary weather.

12 January 2009

Knitting Sheep

I just came across this page with free patterns and just loved the knitting sheep. The rest of the stuff is not so much my taste.

11 January 2009

Socks the first FO of 2009

This is the first pair of socks that I finished in 2009. They were started on the 30th of December 2008 and finished 2 weeks later. They are now making their way to an aquaintance who had to have a tumor removed and might need some nice socks and good thoughts.

A second pair is on my feet now, they were knit around this one, with one sock before and one after the traveling pair. They are very colorful and another pair of "Sti-Nos" (stockinette socks). No picture yet, I am behind with photo taking.

09 January 2009

Stars and Bars

This is the center of my Ohio Stars and Railroad Fence Quilt that was my summer project. A bit late for summer, but I finally finished the blocks. You can hardly see Betty Boop in the picture, but she is at the center of the blue stars. I am now thinking about a border, but am not sure what to do. MyGuy thinks it needs to be lightened, but looking at this picture, I am not so sure. Maybe just a red binding. Let me know what you think.

07 January 2009

Stitchery BOM from Gail Pan

This is going to be christmas BOM, but the first one would do nicely for Valentine's day, too.