28 June 2006

CeCe at neckband

I am sorry I doubted Bonne Marie as CeCe turns out just right. I just need to knit the neckband and sew the ends in. I am just trying to figure out if I can knit the neckband on instead of sewing it on. No help so far in my books, but if an applied i-cord works, this might work too. Any ideas?

The red socks are resting, but I did knit a bit on the blue ones.

26 June 2006

Quilt magazines in review process

I am reviewing the quilt mags that I kept after the date cut off declutter and am dumping some more. Not easy, but it gives me a good feeling.

Heel of the second red socks

I am in the process of turning the second of my red socks and so far no second sock syndrom.

I also took up CeCe again and am getting closer and closer to the neckline.

19 June 2006

I fell of the wagon

but I will try again

Lakes Sweater finished

I have decided that I will not unravel Lakes, but keep it the way it is. Therefore I sewed up the sleeve seams and the sweater is now ready to be worn. I might need to loose a few pounds for it to look it’s best, but it does look okay and those pounds need to go anyway.

Turned the heel

I have turned the heel on my first red sock and am doing the gusset now. I finally decided that I do like the pattern with that yarn and am happy about how they turn out.

15 June 2006

I have tried this...

... and while it is a nice way to avoid second socks syndrom, for a portable project I prefer my DPNs.

Little Red Sox progress

May be I need to wait for baseball… Probably not, but with watching soccer with My Guy I did not make much progress with my socks. When I watch the world cup on my own, I knit and just look when the reporter gets really very excited. LOL.

13 June 2006

Red Socks started

I have started red socks with that diagonal rib pattern that I have ripped from the blue socks. Let’s see if I like that better. I have some doubts though.

May Sweater finished and worn

I like the feel of it even if I still do not like the crab stitch crochet around the neckline. It fits and looks nice with my 7/8th Jeans.

I unraveled the blue socks as they were coming out too small and have started them again with a different pattern from Nancy Bush’s Vintage Socks.

12 June 2006

No stitching this weekend

I am never going to get anywhere at this speed, but the weather was great and we went to the Rhine Falls in Neuhausen, Switzerland. I believe they are the largest in Europe. In any case it was great.

No M&Ms so far

It seems that I stay away from the M&Ms, but eat all sort of other choclate, I will have to do Weight Watcher routines again to lose those 10 pounds.

Finished my River Rapids

While watching soccer yesterday afternoon I finally finished my Rapid River socks. When counting out the repeats on the first sock I realized two things: I made two different heels and there is one mistake in decreasing that is hardly noticable. As they are for me I left it. They look good and I look forward to wearing them next fall.

So one goal for Blue month June has been reached.

My CeCe is up to the arms and I have to knit the sleeves before I can continue with the main piece.

I seamed up May’s sweater as well. It now only needs the crochet finish at the neckline and a wash and block. I want to wear it soon, so this should be done this week.

09 June 2006

Finished Nachtzug

and started a recently bought Amy Tan book: Saving Fish from Drowning. I love Amy Tan’s books and this one is good, too.

08 June 2006

Little Stitching done

I did stitch a bit, but as I am obsessed with my CeCe at the moment little progress was made. I did a bit of rust on the middle book though.

The fabric is black Aida and I am sure it will get softer, but right now I do not like it.

Already gone to the frog pond

I have hardly stitched anything, but that was already too much… I had to frog quite a bit yesterday evening on my Freddy. I had miscounted on the rust. I have redone it, but then have returned to my trusty CeCe (not that trusty either as I messed up a yarnover, but I got it fixed with little swearing).

06 June 2006

Bought more yarn

I have bought turquois yarn for a CeCe from Chicknits. I have started it and despite initial doubts about the lace I am totaly loving it. I had confidence in BonneMarie as I have already made a Ribby Cardi and a Cutaway, but at first I was not sure. By now I have almost 20 cm done and it looks good. My Guy has already christened it the Swimming Pool cardi. LOL. I look forward to wearing it.

I have joined the Summer of Stash, so this is the last yarn purchase for this summer.

02 June 2006

Walk on Wednesday

I had planned to go swimming, but the weather was so nice I went for a walk instead. Should have gone swimming as I had a bad cramp in my foot after just a quater of an hour. Ouch! Something did not work between my shoes, my orthodentics (?) and my walking/running. But I am proud that I can run more and more of my walking round. Yeah me!

Official Start

Yesterday was the first official day of the SAL. I have put in some stitches, but nothing like an hour’s worth. I feel I should have washed the fabric, it’s incredibly stiff. On the other hand stitching on black was not as bad as I though it might be. I started with the shelf Frederic is lying on and did two threads worth of work. The threads are alright for the loop method so for the unblended colors I will use that to start.