02 June 2006

Walk on Wednesday

I had planned to go swimming, but the weather was so nice I went for a walk instead. Should have gone swimming as I had a bad cramp in my foot after just a quater of an hour. Ouch! Something did not work between my shoes, my orthodentics (?) and my walking/running. But I am proud that I can run more and more of my walking round. Yeah me!


Stitch or no stitch said...

Congrats on your start Karin!! You're right the fabric is very stiff, but I'm sure it will get softer within the coming days as we handle it more.


Anonymous said...

hi, karin ^^ i decided to try to contact you this way with hope to hear back from you ...im from postcrossing forum, mingshu (irene from finland), have you receive the traveling notebook i have sent you a while ago? ^^ you remember the traveling notebook of ingrid from the netherlands? you had signed up for it and i sent it to you. we are waiting to hear from you in the forum ^^ take care, irene

Joyce said...

That's so neat that you're doing this exercise! Congratulations!

I'll email you in a day or so.