29 December 2009

Too good to cut Challenge

Found this fun challenge where you are supposed to finally use a piece of fabric that you have saved for "something special" for a while (long while). Sounds like fun.

28 December 2009

New Years resolutions

Yes I know, I am early, but why not start now. I plan to add my reading and cinema going back in the blog, even if it is at times just: read this, saw this.

I finished Carola Dunn's Sheer Folly yesterday and as usual have enjoyed the Daisy Fletcher née Dalrymple mysteries. Even if they are sometimes not much of a mystery, they are always enjoyable.

We went to see AVATAR last Tuesday. I thought the special effects were great (especially in 3D), but the story was nothing to write home about. But not a bad story, just a overly used one. Yesterday we went for the noon showing and saw Planet 51. Great! I am looking forward to the DVD on this as I am sure I have missed lots of puns on other movies, like 2001 and so on.

22 December 2009

Paper cut Trees

Have look at this post on Humble Quilts . I love those christmas paper cut trees. Great idea!


This is the view from my office (note the christmas tree in the middle of the river under the bridge, it is on a float). It was more orangey in real life, gorgeous sun up.

Snow Picture

Sorry for the graininess, I took that yesterday morning with my mobile and it is a enclosed court where the restaurant Güterhof normally has outside seating. The light at the end is their kitchen.

18 December 2009


The new winter knitty includes a lovely cardigan called Zora which lead me to the designers webpage and there I found Harlow. I really want to cast on for it right now! Not going to happen, but it is on my to do list.

Malabrigo, hmmm: Love of Light? Or Cordovan? Or Lettuce? Or??? Let me know what you think might look good.

15 December 2009

Carolina Christmas Layout

Bonnie has revealed the layout for the Carolina Christmas mystery here. I haven't even cut one stripe yet, but I love how this looks!

12 December 2009

Picture of the 28th of November Knit Meeting

Anouschka with her Victoria-Mathilda-Josephine-Tuch. Newly bound off.

The only other halfway decent picture.

08 December 2009

Cat lovers

For the cat lovers Starlings at Dusk at Quilt as desired.

Twas the night in a quilter's house

Twas the night before Christmas, I'm glued to the tree.
I'm wondering what Santa brought just for me.
Could it be fat quarters or a pattern or lace?
Or a quilt kit, I said, with a smile on my face.
And that's when I heard him,
"Hi Santa," I said
"You know....good little girls should be in their beds ".
"I know I should Santa, and now I've got caught.
But I was just so excited to see what you brought."
"Well, let's take a look in this room where you work."
He shook his head quickly, And left with a jerk.
I heard him exclaim as he put it in gear.
"You've got enough stuff, I'll see you next year!"

author unknown

06 December 2009

Leaking Roof

We found a leak in the roof of my sewing room. Fortunatelly the house administration got the roofers in on Friday after our discovery on Thursday morning. Unfortunatelly we found the leak by wondering about the stain on my new quilt top. Fortunatelly it did wash mostly out and the bit that stayed in, is in a batik and can be sold as part of that fabric. Puh! Unfortunatelly that means that currently no sewing is taking place as we are drying the room out at best we can and wait to hear when and what will be done to the inside of the room. Fortunatelly it did not get on my sewing machine.

So - mixed blessings, but not too bad.

02 December 2009


I wonder if I have anything for this in my stash: Shawl

27 November 2009

Carolina Christmas

The first step for the new Quiltville mystery is up: Step 1. I haven't yet selected fabric. But I willllll.

24 November 2009

Mirror Mirror

I have found Operation Beautiful and love this hotel mirror:

Patchwork Weekend

Last weekend I spent in my hometown and took a class through my mum's quilt group. It was on free cut ovals and mine is turning into leaves. I have made additional blocks and rearranged the blocks since the picture was taken, but at least it gives you an idea of what I was up to.

I also took some books for my dad to read and he had already finished one on Saturday evening, so he must be enjoying it.

19 November 2009

Knitter's as avatar

Now it's offical: knitting is in, Yahoo has an avatar for it:

When you see it on yahoo, she actually knits a short straight piece and then it flies of her needles. Fun.

13 November 2009

Ishbel grows

I finally have gotten my groove with Ishbel. I am now on my third repeat of the A pattern and nary a mistake in all the lace so far and each caught in the next right side row. Wonder why this is so much easier then the plain knitting was? Probably because it keeps my interest. Of course coughing like crazy at work and getting send home for two sick days helped. I am now looking forward to wearing it!

09 November 2009

Chez Leon

Outside our normal meetings we had a little one in the Café Chez Leon in Singen on Saturday. It was lovely, even though it was very loud. Thinking about that I believe home meetings are more us. It was nice meeting Babblesock and finally seeing Socke again. I am looking forward to the next meeting on the 28th.

My red sock is close to the heel so should get finished this week and then a pair for Bettina's kids will hopefully be done by the next meeting.

Sunday we lazed around and I cross stitched on my Indian lady.

26 October 2009

Geta's October Give Away

I have come across Geta's blog lately and she does wonderful work. Now she has a give away. Look here: Geta's October Give Away

12 October 2009


My brother took first place in his class in Hockenheim. We went to finally see what he was doing and MyGuy got a chance to ride with my brother for the instruction rounds and was very impressed and pleased with having had a chance to see the course for himself. Next year he wants to ride for one of the trainings which should be even more challenging. I was mostly cold, but pleased that they enjoyed themselves.

08 October 2009

Mittens almost done

Just a few more threads to sew in and my mittens are done too. These have been a WIP since before I moved two years ago, so it feels good to get them done finally. Of course it is now so warm here (for fall) that even a jacket feels like too much, to say nothing of mittens. Nonetheless, more mittens are bound to appear here as I bought mitten yarn in Backnang.

05 October 2009

Fall Socks done

I finished my fall rib socks, too, but still no picture. Though the internet is back to working.

02 October 2009

Cory Socks done

My Cory Socks are done! No picture as internet and photographs are not working at home. But I am pleased and won't overdye them now.

29 September 2009

Got Married

The ship we had our afternoon coffee on:

Cake Toppers on our carrot cake wedding cake:
The bus we traveled in: (1964)


21 September 2009

Fall Socks

Having ripped the Ishbel and finished the coupon scarf I cast on for another pair of mindless socks. The fall colors of my other gift ball were just right. So the fall socks live near my TV chair and the Cory socks in my commuter bag. Nicely mindless all of it. Ishbel will be reborn after the wedding.

18 September 2009


Ishbel will likely not survive this weekend. I had problems counting (argh!) in the stockinette area and I have now information from Betty on where she started the lace bit and which rapports, so I am going back and redoing mine. At least the coupon scarf is growing without problems.

I have also cast on the Cory socks from the yarn I got from Cory. In her honor they will be plain socks, I just turned the heel on the first one this morning. At first I seemed to be getting columns of the pink, then I didn't really like the pink. So little that I thought about overdyeing the socks. But now they have grown on me. Perfect train knitting.

17 September 2009


I have seen this on Fillyjonk and could not resist: Rubberducks in Huge and as art. What fun!

14 September 2009

The Monday after

This is how far I have gotten with my Ishbel, just started the first pattern. Aparently I am unable to count and to add the same amount of stitches on both sides of the center. Strangly enough I ended up with everything working.

My "bonus" ball of yarn from my coupon, knit on 7mm needles for a nice loose scarf.

The lovely gifts I received for my birthday: thanks ladies! Dankeschön! Now which one to cast on....

Bodensee meets Backnang

The knitting group Bodenseetreff from Ravelry went to Backnang on Saturday to participate in the first German Ravelry meeting. As you can see breakfast and knitting were combined. After that the "feeding frenzy" for yarn bloomed and every single one of us has made some nice stash additions. Lovely day, great work by the organizers.

As a matter of fact I did not want to come home, not only does Backnang have a lovely yarn shop with lots of different brands, there is a quilt shop and I found 3 book shops just in the inner city. Heaven!

09 September 2009

Julia/Julie Project

Been to the Movies again and watched the Julia/Julie project. I thought it was a nice movie, but the guy we had with us did not much care for it and MyGuy stayed home to begin with. The movie certainly made me want to cook more, even though I am normally not keen on it at all.

08 September 2009

Morning Fog

This is a bit of morning views that MyGuy took pictures today. Nice!

02 September 2009

Quilt of the Month

The international quilt study center has a quilt of the month. This month it is a quilt called Sock Monkey Jamboree, go have a look: Sock Monkey Jamboree.

26 August 2009

Muster Bild

We did make trial pictures last Saturday and this one is the one Patti used for the dolls.

Cake Topper

Remember a few posts down I wrote about place card holders? Well I am getting this cake topper and 15 couples of place card holders for the wedding. Whee! This is a surprise for MyGuy, so I hope he likes them.

25 August 2009

New earrings

I got those earrings on etsy from Hotpins:

They are really nice and arrived really fast, too.

24 August 2009

Back to sweater Knitting

I finished my latest cross stitch, at least the stitching part. Now I have to think of how to make it up. Photos once I have given it away.

With reading EZ and all the blogs, especially Fillyjonk's I decided to dig out one of my sweaters in progress. This one is from an older Interweave and I will likely need to fiddle with the neck line, but since I only split the body for the armholes yesterday and am knitting in bits and fits, there is still plenty of time for me to think about it.

This morning on the train, I have cast on the second spaghetti sock, too, so train knitting can continue.

21 August 2009

Crochet Cardigan

This Junghans Cardigan makes me think of taking up crochet again. Though not in black and white...


I found those placecard holders on Etsy, too cute: Placecard Holders

Spaghetti Socks - 1 down

I finished my first Spaghetti-Sock and it weighs in at 43 gramm, with 57 gramm left, so I should be getting a second one too. Puh! I had made the leg a bit longer and gotten worried as they are also a bit longer in the foot being for MyGuy.

Playing around

18 August 2009


So I went and did it, starting in September we will go once a week to adult education class and learn a bit of Italian for when we return there. (Soon I am sure.)

And tonight we will go see "Maria, ihm schmeckt's nicht" a movie about a German guy who goes to Italy with his Italian fiancee and her family. The book was quite good according to my mother, so we will see how we like this.

17 August 2009

Knitting Meeting

Our monthly knitting meeting was on Saturday, but I forgot my camera, so you will have to go to our hostess's website: Sylvia

14 August 2009

10 August 2009

Quilt Star

We were in Freiburg this weekend and while we went due to needing to go to the dentist I managed to have some S.E.X. at Quilt Star near the rail road station. I bought fabrics for a quilt in a class in November, but it is a very good thing this shop is not around the corner for me. They have all sorts of stuff besides really nice fabric: paintsticks, Tyvek, bag handles and much much more. Not the last time I was there.

06 August 2009

Selbst ist die Braut - The Proposal

Tuesday was Movie Day again and we went to see The Proposal with Sandra Bullock. Nice enough movie, but Hangover wins hands down.

30 July 2009


We went to see the movie Hangover on Tuesday and laughed quite hard. We had seen some stuff on the previews and were happy to find that we had not seen all the good bits. We knew they had lost the groom, but in the movie that came early too, so it was not a spoiler at all. Fluffy, but fun!

26 July 2009

Spaghetti Socks Picture

This is my rvised Spaghetti Sock. Iout the spiral in, because it reminds me of Spaghetti twisted around the fork. I have reached the heel on sock number one and think it looks okay. MyGuy should be getting a new pair of socks sometime soon.

22 July 2009

Spaghetti Socks cast on

I have cast on Vollkornspaghetti mit Tomatensauce, but ripped it again, and now am doing them without the knotted rib, using a twisted stitch instead. Going nicely. Will soon take a picture.

18 July 2009

Finally a finished object

Finished object after a long long time. These are the socks I started 2 weeks ago at the knitting meeting. They are stockinette stitch as I wanted to get a clear picture of how Betty's blanks would turn out. I love the colors a lot (not that that will surprise people who know me). I have two small balls of yarn left and as I now have two small people in my life: Maja born in January and Liam born in June, I will have no trouble finding a recipient for some kiddie socks.

I am know going to cast on for MyGuys spaghetti socks. As I could not find a spaghetti or noodle socks pattern, I fell back to Barbara Walker and her First Treasury for Knotted Rib combined with broad spiral rib.

16 July 2009


I am currently reading the Origin of Virtue and it is not as dry as I feared. This book is about why humans (and other organisms) cooperate and how this can be explained. Not sure if it is still up to date on all the science, but still fodder for thought. On the other hand it is not exciting enough to keep my nose in it the whole commute, so my socks are slowely growing, too.

Yesterday we were at the movies where we watched Pelham 123. I always love Denzel Washington, but thought John Travolta was a bit overdoing it. All together a pleasant evening and an interesting movie. If the weather improves we might go see Gran Torino in the open air cinema on Friday.

14 July 2009

Formula 1 Socks

No not because of the color, but because I knit most of the first one while watching the qualifying and the race at Nürburg last weekend. Now I have reached the heel on the second one, so they should get finished at some point soon. Better start balling the Spaghetti yarn.

12 July 2009


These are the results of our recent knit meeting when we were dying sock wool.

This one does not have a name, but I really like the turquois, so all is well. It is pure wool.

This one I call Sarah Kaye, because it reminds me of those figures in my youth. It contains cotton.

This one is called Spaghetti with Tomatoesauce. Includes cotton, too. This one will likely be the first I knit and likely go to MyGuy as he is a wonderful cook

09 July 2009

Pattern on Etsy

I really like this pattern that I saw on Etsy: Boca Blessing. Reminds me of recent Judy pattern, though they are different enough.


I am currently on a reading jag and have now finished 3 books in the last week: Bavarian Crisis by Eric Flint, Stepsisters Scheme by Jim Hines and Alcatrez vs the Evil Librarians by Brandon Sanderson. The first one is the latest installment of the Ring of Fire series and I keep enjoying them. Stepsisters is a new take on fairy tales and having enjoyed Jim's Goblin books I am pleased that I liked this one too, though the cover art is bad. Alcatrez is a youth book and I have preordered the second one, so antother enjoyable read.

This morning I have taken up The Origin of Virtue which should prove more of a challenge as it is a non-fiction book on why humans cooperate. I have only read the preface so far, as I decided to knit a bit on my socks during the second leg of my commute.

11 June 2009

New Knitty

As always I like the little cardy: Annette in this case.

15 May 2009

This is my reading dragon, once without the backstitch, once with it. Now it needs to be washed and framed.

08 May 2009

International Quilt Study Center

The May Quilt speaks to me: those colors and I just love the prickly curves.

23 April 2009

Bumble Beans: Challenge#links

This is such a fun idea, I would like to do that:
Bumble Beans: Challenge#links

4 years

It's four years today since MyGuy and I got together. This picture was taken last fall and while we recently both had bad colds, we still laugh together like that.

21 April 2009

08 April 2009

03 April 2009


I have started a pair of Mojos, but am not sure if I will make them same or different. They are going to be for MyGuy.

02 April 2009

Card Holder Link

This is a link to a three dimensional flying geese quilt that can be used as card holder. An idea for christmas.

29 March 2009


As you can see we had a good crowd at my place on Saturday. Much talking, much fun, not so much knitting. However Ramona's vest was fnished and modeled for us and Monika brought along some beatiful stuffed animals. The green Easter Bunny was too cute! Betty had some more of her beautiful sock yarn and a few of us had a little s*e*x.

We missed Cory and hope she is feeling better soon. Sylvia and Britta were also absent and missed.

MyGuy had a field day with the ladies and his new lamp and made portraits from everyone. Much hilarity ensued, but everyone thought her photo was okay.

Ladies, I hope I can make it next time!

Stash Quilt

Finally a picture of my stash project from Judy's pattern.

Hat Redo

The ladies who were at the Stricktreff yesterday will be pleased to hear that I ripped the hat and redid it, so it is now long enough to cover my ears. So we can hope to get spring tricked into showing up, as I now have winter wear.

26 March 2009

Tiger Socks finished

Another pair of socks done. The socks were literally finished on the platform waiting for the delayed train home.

24 March 2009

Zig Zag Quilt Instruction

This is just to keep the link for myself. And for you to enjoy.

Train Socks done

I have over the weekend finished one pair of socks, and have proudly worn them yesterday, however a crisis under the sink prevented us taking photos.

20 March 2009


If I catch whomever ordered snow for the first day of spring all hell will break loose! I want some spring here.

I guess I am cranky because I had the flu and could not sew. I did knit a bit on my two socks in progress, the train and the TV sock and they are both approaching the heel of the second sock, so photos and completed pairs may yet happen this month.

17 March 2009

Sundown on Lake Constance

Still no pictures of my sewing, so at least MyGuy has provided a lovely picture of yesterday's sundown over Lake Constance.
I have cut the purple pieces for Jared takes a Wife (at least I think I have) and am looking forward to some time with the sewing machine.
I might have to wait a bit longer as it seems I have caught the flu that MyGuy had the whole of last week. Eeek! Did not need that at all.
I bought some additional sheets for the spring season, can't wait to take the flannel sheets off and have some spring ones on!

16 March 2009

Got my patchwork mojo back

but my photography mojo is still somewhere under all that fabric... I finished my stash project from Judy. But too late to enter the draw for the scissors, so congratulations to Sue. I also finished the center of my boy's baby quilt. MyGuy really likes those colors, but it is too small for him. I guess I will have to make a larger orange and blue quilt soon. He certainly deserves one.
But for the moment I have started cutting pieces for Bonnie's green challenge: Jared takes a wife. I always wanted to try a purple, green, orange triadic color scheme and this one might just work. Not sure about the star centes yet, but for now I have cut 360 green 5.5 cm squares. Purple is next: 240 squares and 240 rectangles.

09 March 2009

Sewing on the Stash Project

Judy had a Stash Project and I could not resist. I sewed an additional 7 blocks to make it longer and put in the setting triangles this weekend. No picture as it is terribly crumbly and needs ironing. I am trying to decide on the borders now. And I will certainly make it again in bright colors with I SPY centers.

02 March 2009

Crochet a good thing?

Look at this photo on Betty's blog (needs no words):


05 February 2009

More Poetry

William Blake. 1757–1827

The Tiger

TIGER, tiger, burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

In what distant deeps or skies
Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
On what wings dare he aspire?
What the hand dare seize the fire?

And what shoulder and what art
Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
And when thy heart began to beat,
What dread hand and what dread feet?

What the hammer? what the chain?
In what furnace was thy brain?
What the anvil? What dread grasp
Dare its deadly terrors clasp?

When the stars threw down their spears,
And water'd heaven with their tears,
Did He smile His work to see?
Did He who made the lamb make thee?

Tiger, tiger, burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

04 February 2009

Silent Poetry - a bit late

Herr von Ribbeck auf Ribbeck im Havelland,
Ein Birnbaum in seinem Garten stand,
Und kam die goldene Herbsteszeit
Und die Birnen leuchteten weit und breit,
Da stopfte, wenn's Mittag vom Turme scholl,
Der von Ribbeck sich beide Taschen voll,
Und kam in Pantinen ein Junge daher,
So rief er: »Junge, wiste 'ne Beer?«
Und kam ein Mädel, so rief er: »Lütt Dirn,
Kumm man röwer, ick hebb 'ne Birn.«

So ging es viel Jahre, bis lobesam
Der von Ribbeck auf Ribbeck zu sterben kam.
Er fühlte sein Ende. 's war Herbsteszeit,
Wieder lachten die Birnen weit und breit;
Da sagte von Ribbeck: »Ich scheide nun ab.
Legt mir eine Birne mit ins Grab.«
Und drei Tage drauf, aus dem Doppeldachhaus,
Trugen von Ribbeck sie hinaus,
Alle Bauern und Büdner mit Feiergesicht
Sangen »Jesus meine Zuversicht«,
Und die Kinder klagten, das Herze schwer:
»He is dod nu. Wer giwt uns nu 'ne Beer?«

So klagten die Kinder. Das war nicht recht -
Ach, sie kannten den alten Ribbeck schlecht;
Der neue freilich, der knausert und spart,
Hält Park und Birnbaum strenge verwahrt.
Aber der alte, vorahnend schon
Und voll Mißtraun gegen den eigenen Sohn,
Der wußte genau, was damals er tat,
Als um eine Birn' ins Grab er bat,
Und im dritten Jahr aus dem stillen Haus
Ein Birnbaumsprößling sproßt heraus.

Und die Jahre gingen wohl auf und ab,
Längst wölbt sich ein Birnbaum über dem Grab,
Und in der goldenen Herbsteszeit
Leuchtet's wieder weit und breit.
Und kommt ein Jung' übern Kirchhof her,
So flüstert's im Baume: »Wiste 'ne Beer?«
Und kommt ein Mädel, so flüstert's: »Lütt Dirn,
Kumm man röwer, ick gew' di 'ne Birn.«

So spendet Segen noch immer die Hand
Des von Ribbeck auf Ribbeck im Havelland

Theodor Fontane

25 January 2009

Finally a photo of y latest socks

As the wool was quite bright I chose to make them just stockinet socks and have been wearing them to fight of the dreary weather.

12 January 2009

Knitting Sheep

I just came across this page with free patterns and just loved the knitting sheep. The rest of the stuff is not so much my taste.

11 January 2009

Socks the first FO of 2009

This is the first pair of socks that I finished in 2009. They were started on the 30th of December 2008 and finished 2 weeks later. They are now making their way to an aquaintance who had to have a tumor removed and might need some nice socks and good thoughts.

A second pair is on my feet now, they were knit around this one, with one sock before and one after the traveling pair. They are very colorful and another pair of "Sti-Nos" (stockinette socks). No picture yet, I am behind with photo taking.

09 January 2009

Stars and Bars

This is the center of my Ohio Stars and Railroad Fence Quilt that was my summer project. A bit late for summer, but I finally finished the blocks. You can hardly see Betty Boop in the picture, but she is at the center of the blue stars. I am now thinking about a border, but am not sure what to do. MyGuy thinks it needs to be lightened, but looking at this picture, I am not so sure. Maybe just a red binding. Let me know what you think.