18 July 2009

Finally a finished object

Finished object after a long long time. These are the socks I started 2 weeks ago at the knitting meeting. They are stockinette stitch as I wanted to get a clear picture of how Betty's blanks would turn out. I love the colors a lot (not that that will surprise people who know me). I have two small balls of yarn left and as I now have two small people in my life: Maja born in January and Liam born in June, I will have no trouble finding a recipient for some kiddie socks.

I am know going to cast on for MyGuys spaghetti socks. As I could not find a spaghetti or noodle socks pattern, I fell back to Barbara Walker and her First Treasury for Knotted Rib combined with broad spiral rib.


Bettina said...

huhu Karin

Leider hab ich ja wieder nur Bahnhof verstanden....aber Augen hab ich
Gott sei Dank noch gute und ich sehe das mir die Socken sehr gut gefallen *gg*

Lieben Gruß Betty die jetzt endlich mal deine Spagettis sehen will....:grins:

Sue H said...

Beautiful socks!