28 March 2006

Job Offer

I got a job offer at the place I am temping and I am seriously considering it. I have one more application out, but think I will stay here.

Now that we know where our next jobs are

I think we will think seriously over moving together. After almost a year I think this might be right.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

I want do this for one month, then I will consider it done.

24 March 2006

Mountains of Mind

I started book number 2 of my tbr pile. This ine takes a look at mountains and mountaineering. Very interesting. On the other hand I hated Undomestic Goddess that I had just bought. I am ready to toss it.

22 March 2006

One down, but two new ones bought

I finished my Batya Gur mystery, but bought two new books. Sigh!

No swimming today

It’s Wednesday and I should go swimming. But some things take priority and an exhibition opening that includes My Guy’s photos takes the cake without trouble. However I will have to check if I can go swimming tomorrow at a different pool.

Adding another cross stitch project

I am bad. Instead of finishing the beads on Santa I have started a new project. Seeds of Kindness is a Lizzie*Kate pattern and I had everything prepared for it. Yesterday I wanted something springlike and picked this.

21 March 2006

Goal Weight 63 kg

I might have to loose 5 kg (10 pounds) to reach that by now as I think I gained a little weight lately. I need to exercise more and eat less choclate. But I have lost 15 kg before, so it will take time, but it’s doable.

Another language goal

I want to read fluently in French. For that I bought Si c’etait vrai by Marc Levy. I had 5 years of French in school, but never quite got the hang of it.

20 March 2006

Job Interview

I have a job interview this afternoon, so wish me luck.

Beading commenced

I have started the beads part on the ornament. It is a bit of a pain on the perforated paper, but I think it will look lovely. And it means I am approaching the first Happy Dance for a finished project.

17 March 2006

Finishing Quilts

Another goal to decrease the WIPs around here. First up is my friend Andrea’s quilt.

Santa is the first up to finish

I have a pretty Santa which will be my first experience in stitching with beads. So this is the first cross stitch project I want to finish.

Salmon is done

I have unraveled the whole sweater and now have the pleasant task to search for a new pattern to suit me.

Otherwise I have joined 43 things as you can see from the posts below and have not done much of anything.

16 March 2006

Future Goal

I started learning spanish a couple of years ago and at some point want to go back to it.


I guess I better start this despite drinking close to 3 liters herbal and rooisbush “tea” a day.

Small stuff

I need to get rid of some teddy bears, dolls and other dust collectors. For this I need to take some photos to put them on e-bay.


After losing 15 kg I have still a bunch of things that I no longer fit in (thankfully all too large). On the 9th of April a red cross drive for used clothes will take place and I want to sort through my clothes by then.

Books first

i have set aside some books I do not want to keep, but I need to put them on Amazon so that I can actually get rid of them. Throwing away books is really hard for me. So the first step is putting them on amazon.

Once a week for now

I want to swim 1000 meters each Wednesday.

15 March 2006

Long Term Goal

I am currently in a funk about my knitting and have two pairs of socks going, but not much else. But a lot of stash!

Long Term Goal

This is really going to be a long term project as my estimate is 250 unread books.

But I have to start somewhere, so number one is:

1 Batya Gur: Du sollst nicht begehren

13 March 2006

Pink + Red = Salmon?

Well it does in my world. I have started unraveling a sweater in salmon as my Project Spectrum activity for March. It was well made and the finishing was well done, but the sizing sucked and the neck opening was gigantic. I still want a sweater like that, but this time I think I will knit it top down and in the round. It should be doable.

I have noticed that the Lana Grossa patterns tend towards enormous neck openings and will have to take that in account in the futue. I have another one to unravel due to neck opening issues. Sigh.

I also have a red and pink sock yarn waiting in the wings, but want to finish My Guy's socks and the river rapid socks first. I think I need to unravel a bit of the heel flap of my second river rapid sock, but I can't figure out how much.

In the mean time since the weather tends toward snow and cold I have taken out my Santa ornament and stitched a bit on that this weekend. I think I need a break from knitting. I just hope to get on a quilt kick so that I can continue on my friend Andrea's top.