13 March 2006

Pink + Red = Salmon?

Well it does in my world. I have started unraveling a sweater in salmon as my Project Spectrum activity for March. It was well made and the finishing was well done, but the sizing sucked and the neck opening was gigantic. I still want a sweater like that, but this time I think I will knit it top down and in the round. It should be doable.

I have noticed that the Lana Grossa patterns tend towards enormous neck openings and will have to take that in account in the futue. I have another one to unravel due to neck opening issues. Sigh.

I also have a red and pink sock yarn waiting in the wings, but want to finish My Guy's socks and the river rapid socks first. I think I need to unravel a bit of the heel flap of my second river rapid sock, but I can't figure out how much.

In the mean time since the weather tends toward snow and cold I have taken out my Santa ornament and stitched a bit on that this weekend. I think I need a break from knitting. I just hope to get on a quilt kick so that I can continue on my friend Andrea's top.

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