08 February 2006

One button short of a cutaway

Yeah, I actually finished sewing up my cutaway. I need to block it again as the frontband pulls in at the moment and I will try to block the sleeves a bit shorter, but otherwise all it is missing is a button. I will have to go looking for one. I thought one of my singles in black might do it, but it is too stark for me. I have a nice button that I might consider, but I need some daylight for this.

Also finished just a few minutes ago is the knitting of the pieces of Lakes. I still have to knit the neck, but for that the shoulder seams have to be closed. I had both my sleeves up to the point where the shoulder shaping starts (I knit them together as that reduces shaping issues) and did start the shaping on one according to the instructions. I did NOT like it and ripped it. Luckily I wanted to use one ball for both sleeves and therefore had deviated from my at the same time routine. I changed the rate of decrease and now they look good to me. It matched the decrease on the body pieces as well, so I think things will fit together. More finishing work coming up. Sewing in sleeves is not my favorite while I think mattress stitching the sides and arms is fun.

More progress: the inner part of my flic flac quilt preparation piece is done. I need to decide on the border and am looking at my green fabrics. But I remembered having a red as well that I need to dig out and audition. I am not sure yet about the quantity of my greens. They might not be enough to make them of one fabric and I am not sure I want to piece the border. I need to hunt for my mom's notes to see how wide the border needs to be to work with the cutting and then I can calculate the fabric quantity I will need. I am pleased with the random nature of the center piece though.

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