30 January 2006

Cutaway got a buttonhole

Jeni at http://fibrespates.blogs.com/blog/ has linked to my blog. First time this happened, whooee. I had suggested that she knit Rogue for the Knitting Olympics.

My own knitting has not grown terribly much this weekend as My Guy and I have been outside quite a bit. There is ice at the edges of Lake Constance and we walked on it. My Guy did take photos and they are great. We also saw The Merchant of Venice (my wish) which I liked and Disorganized Crime (his idea) which I did like too. Very different movies, but somehow it worked for both of us. I finally picked up 338 stitches around the front and neck of my cutaway during a Tennis game the boy was watching. Today I finished the band. Now I need to sew this thing up and go button shopping so I finally can wear my cutaway. I just hope it fits, but I think it should.

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