25 January 2006

Merry Christmas - the movie

I was at the movies on Monday with some former collegues. We watchesd "Merry Christmas" a movie about the first World War where Scottish, German and French soldiers suspended hostilities during the christmas holidays. Unfortunately despite some moving pictures the movie itself remaind supervisial and the many stories that were sketched out did not develop any depth. Not a bad movie, but I felt let down by it.

Yesterday I had another job interview and it went well I think. Now I need to think about that job and give them some feedback this week. My current position is for only 6 months so I am on the lookout for another job afterwards.

The sleeves for Lakes are now on their second balls of yarn and are growing nicely. I am looking forward to wearing that sweater. I am also thinking about making another one for my guy. For now I pulled some yarn out of my stash to start swatching for my next project. I also found a yarn store in Schaffhausen where I currently work. This is good news as the my LYS is going out of business end of this month. Sigh!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestion for rogue! It looks fab. I've been admiring that for a while actually, I think i'll go for it!