23 January 2006

Progress on the Lakes

After being a good girl and actually ripping and reknitting I have added the front, too. I adjusted the pattern to have some short rows to form a neck and think it will look alright. I am now knitting both my sleeves. Luckily 5mm needles and a simple pattern let me progress quickly. If I can finish this before the olympics I might consider joining the Yarn Harlot's challange. It might be Seamus for that. But I am not yet sure Lakes will be finished by then. And finished in this case includes sewing up.

I also have not finished my cutaway yet though I did crochet seam the shoulders this weekend. But the picking up of the stitches needs a certain mind set that I have not achieved lately.

I did the saddles for the FLAK sweater and enjoyed working with the pattern and the Elann Highland Peruvian wool. I am looking forward to the next installment.

On the quilting front I have recently started working on my quilt for my friend Andrea again. I had cut all the squares already and now the rows are sewn up and made up into pairs. This is going to be a FlicFlac quilt, so all this will have to be recut and is very large just now. But the colors make me smile and I think it will look good in their living room. Mom promised to do the actual quilting, so that's covered and once the top is finished it won't stay an UFO for long. Mom is very good about finishing my quilts.


Kim in Oregon said...

Hi Kucki! Thanks for the book suggestions. I think I've read some non fiction by Laura Pederson (the name sounds soooo familiar) but will look for Beginner's Luck!

What is a FLAK? I've read that in several places other than your blog and can't figure out what it is.

Where is Germany are you (guten tag, by the way). My DH and I honeymooned in Germany.

Jenny said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Kucki! You're lucky to have a mom who finishes your quilts! Can I borrow her for awhile? :)