29 July 2010

Kunst am Bein

Wahrscheinlich wisst Ihr das schon aber Opal hat einen Wettbewerb "Kunst am Bein".

The Germans likely already know, there is a contest from Opal: Art at the Leg

28 July 2010

Joe Bonamassa

Last Tuesday we went to Tuttlingen to one of the tent concerts of the Honberg Sommer 2010. We got to see and hear Joe Bonamassa which was great. Hot inside the tent and they always have it tuned a bit too loud. But one step outside and you were fine. My legs hurt afterwards, because I am no longer used to moving with the music for 2 hours, but it was an intense concert.

Now imagine my pleased surprise when I got home yesterday and found I had won one of his CDs (signed), yeah!

25 July 2010

Current Socks on the Sticks

Jules or rather Juliette

Sneaky Snake
I am currently knitting the free pattern Jules and the current KAL sock for the Socks from the Toe up: Serpentine Sock.

Colorful Results

All my new skeins in one picture
Triadic Colors: Purple-Green-Orange

Almost Solids Raspberry



Spice Rack
These are finally pictures of the dye meeting of my knitting group, as you can see I got 5 different skeins, and am looking forward to knitting them up, soon.

18 July 2010

Ice Sandwich Socks

Eissandwich Socken

I have finished those socks on Thursday and hadn't taken a picture of them when at the Dyeing meeting we figured they fit Eva better and I have given them to her. However I managed to snatch a pic before they went to live with her.

This is the second pair I have done from the Socks form the Toe up book and I have decided to knit them all, joined the KAL at Ravelry and started July's Snaking Socks.

04 July 2010

World Cup Toe Up break the Trend

Here the promised break of the trend: wild green socks. Drachenwolle, knitted after my own interpretation of Wendy's basic toe up sock. I wanted to see if the slip stitch heel would work when doing it in stockinette stitch. It does.