29 December 2011

Quilt Plans

I am currently working on finally finishing the Kaleidoscope Quilt I have started long ago. Then Max's Stars needs to come together so I can give it to him in July for his Birthday. I also still have a Storm at Sea that is in little baskets, so that needs to be done at some point.

I have committed to Quilting Resolutions, too. I want to do applique and machine quilting for new techniques, finish my Max's Stars and will do a Lone Star for my always wanted to do this project.

On top of that I want to work on a series of quilts using the Buckeye Beauty block.

Should keep me busy, don't you think?

28 December 2011

September Days on the Rhine and in a steam train.

01 September 2011

Poor Roedel!

My poor car had to be taken to the garage by the ADAC and it looks like it might be more expensive to repair it than what it still is worth. Sigh! Not that I  n e e d  a car, but it is my first one.

10 August 2011

Green Damson

Maybe not the best quality for the picture, but here is my finished Damson in action. I think the dark "border" of Hazelknits is not anything you would notice without being told.

13 July 2011

Bavaria 2

Die wunderbare Welt der Amelie?

Yes, another bookshop, why were you asking?