29 October 2007

Home Stretch - will I make it?

I am on the homestretch with MyGuy's socks, however his birthday is on Wednesday and I still need to finish the foot of the second sock. I knit all the cuff yesterday (seeing as it was Sunday) and turned the heel today. But now I need to knit another 56 rows to the toe and the toe and I still need to wrap them...

I was knitting those openly (I always have a sock going, nothing suspicious there)... and was sneaky: I told him the next ones I knit would be for him and he would get to choose the yarn... I hope he does not suspect the dark green ones on the needle are for him. The pattern is turning out nicely. I fear however that his choice will be boring stockinett in one colour, sigh. But such is love. And at least it will make good traveling knitting.

16 October 2007

Ripit, Ripit

The socks for MyGuy were just too tight. After fooling myself for quite a while, I finally ripped them this morning before I got to the heel. I have cast on again with 6 more stitches and that will be fine. However I better get to it big time as Halloween is not that far away. Though right now I'd rather read in the train. Oh well, the poor dude has to put up with books, yarn, fabric and cross stitch stash, so he certainly deserves a pair of socks for his birthday.

09 October 2007


Unlike Fillyjonk who is doing Start-ober to finish some of her WIPs I seem to have caught a bug of Starteritis. (along with a little cold and flue this is flying around).

I started a new pair of sox without having finished several others, but for this one there actually is a reason: Halloween and MyGuy's birthday are coming and he "needs" new socks. As you know handknit socks = love. At least he does appreciate them. The bamboo socks I made him were declared lucky socks...

I have also started a new cross stich picture without having anything finished that is floating around. Excuse here: if I finish the Gemini and the Scorpio they will make nice gifts for my parents.

No pics as the photo is dead, the cable to load it is still MIA in my boxes after the move.