13 January 2006

Knitting a sack

After having knit all the parts of the Cutaway I abadoned the project before picking up for the front ribbing. Obviously this created bad knitting karma.

I had Rowan All Seasons Cotton in a light blue in my stash. It was originally intended for a cardigan from Knitter that called for this yarn. After swatching I loved the yarn, but hated the cables. They looked crappy to me. So the yarn became stash instead of a cardigan. Now it has been calling to me and I have taken it out to play with again. I started knitting Lakes from Rowan Knitting Magazine 28 with it. After casting on I looked at it and figured that for a 102 cm bust they had me knitting a 132 cm sweater. Now this is a loose sweater, but I figured a bust of 122 was still plenty enough. So I ribbed and started again. I love the yarn, the pattern and the fabric, so everything is fine. I knit 48 cm and start the arm scythe. Hmmm. I did not want this to be another of my recent crop of shortish sweaters, so I figured, it should be okay. Well, I guess I should have paid more attention to the fact that the men's sweater is SHORTER. You would think that gave me a pause, but no, I went my way, knitting as I read blogs and generally paid no mind to the piece I created, especially as I had enough yarn for once. BUT (and you knew there was but, didn't you?) today I did a reality check and it will be just TOO LONG. Oh well, I like the yarn and it should rip alright, but I am annoyed with myself for not paying better attention.

I am going to donate blood at the Red Cross and when back I will frog my Lakes so that they resemble a lake rather than an ocean.

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