17 December 2005

Booking Through Thursday

What with Christmas coming and all...

  1. Do you read Christmas-themed (or Hanukkah, or?) stories this time of year? If so, what kind (religious, mystery, etc.)?
    I have this year read a couple of Christmas related books. Corpus Delicto by Margaret Maron, Skipping Christmas by John Grisham three Christmas/Thanksgiving stories by Truman Capote and the advents calender book by Jostein Gaardner. I still plan to read Christmas Carol by Dickens and maybe Santa and Pete (author?).

  2. Do you have any stories you traditionally read this time every year? If so, what? How did your tradition start? No, there are no traditional stories to read.

1 comment:

Zarah said...

The Polar Express! And the Christmas story in the Bible before Christmas dinner at my Grandma's.