14 December 2005

Weigh In Wednesday

Having lost weight with weightwatchers over the last two winters (15kg altogether) I would love to go for the final 6 this winter, but so far have been butt lazy. So the idea is to weigh in on the blog every wednesday and review my related goals at the same time.

68.8 kg this morning

I started a run on Monday but met a collegue and then just walked with her. Still I moved and I am happy with that. I also walked/run on Thursday and did a long less fast walk with friends on Saturday. Need to get the DVDs out.

One thing that became clear to me recently. I am an exercise pervert. I am out of work just now, so could run any day, any time. But when do I choose to actually walk? When it's raining, snowing or icy. Sunshine will be looked at from the comfort of my home. The Guy thinks I must be weird. I probably am. I wonder if it's because I do not think of exercise as enjoyable and the bad weather fits better with that mindset? Need to work on that perception in any case.
As for the run/walk thing? I am a natural walker, I also walk fast when not exercise walking, but now I am trying to incorporate some running into my walks. I have not measured my walking distances and am not wearing a watch with a hand for the seconds, so I just run where I feel comfortable doing so and just as long as I can and still exercise walk afterwards. I want to be able to run at least one length along the railroad track. I know without deadline this is a wishy washy goal, but for now moving at all is more important than concrete goals. I need to get back into the habit of moving.

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