09 July 2009


I am currently on a reading jag and have now finished 3 books in the last week: Bavarian Crisis by Eric Flint, Stepsisters Scheme by Jim Hines and Alcatrez vs the Evil Librarians by Brandon Sanderson. The first one is the latest installment of the Ring of Fire series and I keep enjoying them. Stepsisters is a new take on fairy tales and having enjoyed Jim's Goblin books I am pleased that I liked this one too, though the cover art is bad. Alcatrez is a youth book and I have preordered the second one, so antother enjoyable read.

This morning I have taken up The Origin of Virtue which should prove more of a challenge as it is a non-fiction book on why humans cooperate. I have only read the preface so far, as I decided to knit a bit on my socks during the second leg of my commute.

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