28 December 2009

New Years resolutions

Yes I know, I am early, but why not start now. I plan to add my reading and cinema going back in the blog, even if it is at times just: read this, saw this.

I finished Carola Dunn's Sheer Folly yesterday and as usual have enjoyed the Daisy Fletcher née Dalrymple mysteries. Even if they are sometimes not much of a mystery, they are always enjoyable.

We went to see AVATAR last Tuesday. I thought the special effects were great (especially in 3D), but the story was nothing to write home about. But not a bad story, just a overly used one. Yesterday we went for the noon showing and saw Planet 51. Great! I am looking forward to the DVD on this as I am sure I have missed lots of puns on other movies, like 2001 and so on.

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