14 September 2009

The Monday after

This is how far I have gotten with my Ishbel, just started the first pattern. Aparently I am unable to count and to add the same amount of stitches on both sides of the center. Strangly enough I ended up with everything working.

My "bonus" ball of yarn from my coupon, knit on 7mm needles for a nice loose scarf.

The lovely gifts I received for my birthday: thanks ladies! Dankeschön! Now which one to cast on....

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Anonymous said...

Hallo Karin, jetzt will ich doch mal versuchen, ob ich hier comments hinterlassen kann. :-)
Dein Ishel wird echt super, da bin ich ja echt schon am Überlegen, in welcher Farbe ich den dann machen soll. :-P
Grüße, Cory