29 March 2009


As you can see we had a good crowd at my place on Saturday. Much talking, much fun, not so much knitting. However Ramona's vest was fnished and modeled for us and Monika brought along some beatiful stuffed animals. The green Easter Bunny was too cute! Betty had some more of her beautiful sock yarn and a few of us had a little s*e*x.

We missed Cory and hope she is feeling better soon. Sylvia and Britta were also absent and missed.

MyGuy had a field day with the ladies and his new lamp and made portraits from everyone. Much hilarity ensued, but everyone thought her photo was okay.

Ladies, I hope I can make it next time!


Margaret said...

What a wonderful get-together. Your must have had a ball!

Purple Pam said...

I like the colors you used in your stash project from Judy's pattern. Did you do her Quilt Along project? I like all your knitting projects. How do you find time to do so much?

Bettina said...

Schee wars wie immer :-)

Liebe Grüße