13 January 2017

Moving again

For the last couple of months my movement was very little. Now I have the will back and I have already taken some action. Done an introductory training at a new gym as my old one no longer participates in the health program that my employer sponsors. Gone swimming yesterday. The goal for the moment is to do my strength training at least once a week and go swimming on Thursdays. Anything above that is right now optional. I do not want to set up to many action points to start so that I can at least do these consistently. Then once these are "automatic" I can add a second session or Yoga or running to the routine.

Foodwise my goal for the moment is to not drink coke and have an apple every morning. Babysteps. I would like to cook more from my recipe books and to cook more soup, but not sure how to make those good goals yet.

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