26 May 2008

Turkish Socks finished

I finally finished my "Turkish Socks". This is what the colors for some reason reminded me off. They are fairly tight as the patterning stitch makes it inflexible. But I love how they turned out. The yarn was Drachenwolle.


scraphappy said...

Very nice socks. And so good to have a finish.

Finn said...

Hi Kucki, I wanted to pop over and say "hi" and thanks for stopping by my blog frequently and leaving such nice comments.
I love your Turkish Socks, very fetching! And the finding Nemo ones are so pretty. I do wish my hands were co-operative enough to still knit with 4 needles, but the numbness makes it hazardest to the number of stitches...LOL
Glad to see you are doing the orange crush also. I have problems with the star also, I have to lay out each block part by part. Don't lose heart! Hugs, Finn