11 February 2015

Calender Week 6

No weight this week as I was already in the Netherlands on Monday morning.

No fitness update because the damn cough came back. I want to get out and to the gym, so get lost cough.

I did sew a bit on my Sicilian Oranges, but I am now considering if I want to add another column to it to make it wider. It would then measure 170 * 220 cm. Maybe I will leave it at 153 * 220. I need to cut a bunch more blocks (either 13 or 26 depending on what I decide). I am also still sewing on my Star Struck blocks. And I had this idea spinning around in my mind for green liberated frames on white. I made a few test blocks, but am not sure they are all going to end up in the final quilt.

Started a new pair of socks for ski world championship watching and traveling. Brown for MyGuy.

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