06 July 2006

Noro Silk Garden is yummy

I am currently knitting a cardigan in Silk Garden by Noro. In green purple colors: LOVELY. I did a sleeve as the gauge swatch and seem to have gotten lucky. This yarn was originally intended for Klaralund, but then got stashed and now I think I'd rather have a cardigan. I just hope there is enough yarn as the cables eat up yarn like crazy. But I can either knit a stockinett back or a uni one from a different yarn depending on how "bad" this gets. I am loving the sleeve, luckily I have taught myself after seeing this mentioned in the blogsphere how to cable with out a cable needle. Otherwise the love might not be all that great... Next to knit are the fronts as I want those to match as much as possible with Noro. The second sleeve will be next and then I should be able to tell what I can do with the back.

This is what I am making:


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