21 July 2006

A row here a row there

that is the progress of my projects currently. Turned a heep on my blue Child's First Socks, turned a heel on my Jaywalker and did the increases on the fronts of my Noro cardigan. I still love all those projects, so they will go on. The blue socks at My Guy's place, the jaywalkers are my commuting project and the cardigan is my at home project when it is not too hot to knit wool.

We are planning on going to see Caveman, a comedy, on men and women. We had heard good things about it and are looking forward to it.

12 July 2006

Summer of Stash rewards?

I have not yet gotten to the end of the Summer of Stash and already I am contmeplating getting more yarn: Noro Blossom for an Eloise and this Sock Club: http://www.poshyarn.co.uk/sockclub.html . But then I have not defined any rewards when I joined the summer of stash...

11 July 2006

CeCe finished

My CeCe is finished and I have worn it already. It is just what I wanted. Now I need to get my photographer to snap a pic and I will finally try to post one.

Also finished is the first sleeve of my Noro cardigan. I have not cast on for the fronts yet.

Ripped: my yellow jaywalkers. Restarted with less stitches and a different sock yarn. Now I am afraid the fabric is too loose, but will keep it up for a bit.

07 July 2006

Summer Knitty Patterns

The summer knitty is out and I feel rather ambivalent about it. While the socks, hats and other accessoirs look great, I feel "cheated" that there are no short sleeved sweaters or tanks. I know it is free and the editors decision and I even can see that in summer you might need small stuff as it will not create the blanket effect of a large project, but still... That said, I like quite a few of the things and am sure they make great stash buster projects and I will refer back to this issue often.

06 July 2006

Noro Silk Garden is yummy

I am currently knitting a cardigan in Silk Garden by Noro. In green purple colors: LOVELY. I did a sleeve as the gauge swatch and seem to have gotten lucky. This yarn was originally intended for Klaralund, but then got stashed and now I think I'd rather have a cardigan. I just hope there is enough yarn as the cables eat up yarn like crazy. But I can either knit a stockinett back or a uni one from a different yarn depending on how "bad" this gets. I am loving the sleeve, luckily I have taught myself after seeing this mentioned in the blogsphere how to cable with out a cable needle. Otherwise the love might not be all that great... Next to knit are the fronts as I want those to match as much as possible with Noro. The second sleeve will be next and then I should be able to tell what I can do with the back.

This is what I am making: