06 July 2008

Orange Crush and QfaH

This is the Quilt for An Hour from Judy's Sunshine Qilts. I changed the sahes and need to add the borders. I am still thinking aout the borders however. Today I finally sewed together the rows of my OC. I do not reallylike the purple in the album blocks. It looks worse in real life. Maybe some applique... And once again, this quilt has no bordes yet. I am thinking about Bonnie's pieced ones, but might do something different. I still have units left over however.


Karol-Ann said...

I like both tops! And I really like the green in your OC.

Candace said...

I like both of your quilts. I know how you feel about your OC, but I'll bet it will grow on you. I am liking mine more and more, and I felt that way when I first got mine together.

Amanda said...

I love the colours in your QFAH quilt. Perhaps the purple in your OC will grow on you? If not, applique sounds like a good compromise.

Bettina said...

Hi Karin
wundervoll mehr gibs nicht zu sagen :-)
Liebe grüße

Kathy Wagner said...

Great job on both quilts!
I really like how you change the sashing on the QfaH project.
I am still trying to figure out my OC borders too. Maybe if you make one of your borders purple, you will like it more?

Jeanne said...

I love your QFAH quilt! It's fun seeing the same pattern in different fabrics and settings. Great job in getting all of those OC blocks sewn together, too.

T said...

Wow, that QfaH is cool! I think Kathy may be onto something - do you have more purple (to combine with the green) for the border?

Brigitte said...

Hallo Kucki

Du hast einen sehr schönen Blog und wunderschöne Arbeiten!

Vielen Dank für deinen Eintrag.