19 March 2010

Busy Week

This week was not much for knitting or any other sort of crafting (which I haven't really done any off lately as my craft room is a mess and still has a leaking roof). But on the upside we went to the movies and had a 3D screening of Alice in Wonderland (is it just me or does the Mad Hatter look like they recycled ideas from Willy Wonka?). I enjoyed the movie and have dug out my copy of the book to read on the train if I can finally stop knitting my Knotty gloves. (It will be about 18 degree C here on the weekend.) Yesterday we went to a comedy show by Christoph Sonntag and though it was not as good as his old programm, it was very enjoyable. I did not care for his integration of a plasma screen, but otherwise it was a witty, Swabian programm. Tonight we will have my parents in law over and celebrate his 80th with chinese take away (his choice, we would have cooked).

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